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Words From the Trail

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Photo by Kristen Reiter

ApHC News

What is your personal experience with how trail riding connects people?

“I made the acquaintance of my two dearest friends while in the saddle on trail rides. Perhaps it is because we share the same passion for riding and the out-of-doors. Our equine interests fueled our friendships, but I believe our conversations and experiences on the trails solidified our bond.”

“When we are out in nature, far from technological distractions such as television, telephones, and the internet, we have a chance to disconnect from the chaos and responsibilities of life and simply be. We can breathe a little slower and take in the earthy smells of the forest floor or the pungent sage on the plateaus. We can enjoy scenic vistas and appreciate the miles traveled to reach them. We can hear the leaves rustle in the stillness of the woods. There are no highway noises to disrupt the birds’ songs, and, as we quietly walk along, we actually listen to each other.”

Photo by Kristen Reiter

“The trails offer us a secluded location, guarded by towering trees or protected by an expanse of remote and open meadows, where we can feel safe to open up to our riding companions and share parts of ourselves that we might not normally let others see. When we share such intimate pieces of our very being, we create a connection that is difficult to sever.”

-Kristen Reiter, ApHC Member

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