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Who Is Your Horse Crush?

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On Valentine’s Day, we asked our readers:

Who is your horse crush?

Read their big variety of answers below!



Sydney Stringham

Protect Your Assets. I used to come up with baby names if I ever got to breed my childhood mare, “She Knows Shesa Star.” I made a flip book drawing their babies with their registered names.


Melodie McGlamory

Skips Wintegrity, my retired show horse!♥♥♥♥♥♥.


Lola James

Omg, definitely Kissin The Girls

Hannah M Rinnert, he’ll forever be my horse crush!

  Hannah M Rinnert

Lola James, we love you! 🙂


Cynthia Charleville

All Time Fancy


Karen Ricketts

Many years ago, the one horse I couldn’t wait to see in the APHA Journal was Mr Robin Boy and his multitude of accomplishments.


Heidi Evelhoch

I’ll Be Sensational (APHA) I love that he’s been so well cared for in his career that he’s still showing and winning as an older senior horse ❤️.


Ashley Kay Diehl

Always loved watching Zippos Ace of Spades ♠️ in the early 2000’s he was the most beautiful dapple gray & could literally do every class.


Carrie Frantzick

MMWW (Makin Me Willy Wild). I love seeing his babies and how he stamps them one after another.


Lisa Steinbaugh Flowers

Definitely my boy MO!!! Smokin’ Custom Crome – he’s the ultimate package!!! Love your sweet boy, Kristin Patton!!


Jennifer LaChance Gans

The great Paint horse, “In The Sweet Shop”…. Marylyn Caliendo.


Lynnette Jalufka

Secretariat, Peppy San Badger, Colonels Smoking Gun.


Lee-Anne Dickson

Throwback Crushes;

Hes a Honky Tonk Man

Dream Ona Jet

Silver Cierra Smoke

Time to Cash In (way back!)

Guns Flash Bull

We Be Jettin


Mary Louise

Hollywood Dun It


Maddie Passmore

JJ – Laurel Champlin

  Laurel Champlin

Maddie Passmore, my favorite for sure.


Denise Michelle

Zippo Pine Bar ❤️


Lynn Austin Bliss

Adios Pantalones – Stallion.


Joan Ames

Gentlemen Send Roses, Harley D Zip, Red White and Boon, Timeless Assets.  All of these would be neat to throw a leg over.


Sheri Bowker

Joan Ames, my daughters were blessed with the opportunity to take Timeless Assets for a spin. What a cool horse!!….when I was competing with his half brother it was a great day when I placed 2nd to Timeless Assets. Such a unicorn 🦄.


Blakely Abbott

The Batchelor 🥰 aka Chris hemsworth in horse form Patti Ross-Abbott😂


Joyce McCabe

Metallic Cat


Amanda Reed Hollinger



Kory Kumar

Looks Like Little Sparrow, AKA Shiloh. Lol. Love that kiddo!


Susan DePoy Uhls



Samantha Byrd

One And Only Asset, aka “Marshall,” is the ultimate package!


Sharon Slauson

Barpasser, Invitation Only, MMWW (Makin Me Willy Wild)


Gretchen Hash Heffner

Rugged Lark, Northern Dancer, and Zips Chocolate Chip


Jessi Jo Boulter

VS The Fireman


Jean Claire Jacobs

KC Leaguer


Katie Kafer-Johnson

Rugged Lark


Dallas Bosworth

Freckles Playboy


Crystal CH

Rugged Lark


Gem Twist





Metallic Cat

Pusher’s All Lit Up

Sensation’s Gunsmoke


Lemondrop Kid


Valley View Supreme



… I’m polyhorseual.


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