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Where Do We Go From Here?

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178 – October, 2020

By Kristin Spinning

The horse show industry is just now returning to competition after a cascade of show cancellations up-ended the well-planned itineraries of trainers, owners and exhibitors in 2020. Approximately 40% of shows were cancelled or rescheduled this spring due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. As one show cancelled, exhibitors sought out other opportunities, only to see those new plans evaporate. The cancellation of the All American Quarter Horse Congress was a blow to the collective psyche not only of Quarter Horse folks but Paint and Appaloosa enthusiasts as well. However, there are many shows that are moving forward in the fall of 2020 with the hope of salvaging a productive show year. With several high-profile shows still scheduled to proceed, show management, trainers, and exhibitors are cautiously optimistic. Many of these surviving shows are anticipating greater than normal turnout as a result of the cancellations earlier in the year. Here is a rundown of what’s still to come in 2020.

Breeders Halter Futurity – Des Moines, Iowa
September 15-19

At this time, the Iowa State Fair has every intention of hosting the 10th annual Breeders Halter Futurity in Des Moines September 15-19. The event has experienced phenomenal growth in popularity since its inception. It is the highest paying Halter event in history with a $1.5 million dollar payout. That kind of cash infusion provided a much-needed boost to the Halter horse industry. Since timing is everything for the preparation of Halter horses, many owners are both anxious and excited for the opportunity to show in Iowa this fall.

There are four divisions for exhibitors: Amateur, Open, Color Amateur, and Color Open. A Yearling Longe Line class has been introduced this year, making it the first performance class at the Futurity. A purse of $25,000 will certainly entice an impressive crop of youngsters.

The innovative Mare Power classes recognize the importance of both sides of the genetic equation. 2020 foals sired by BHF Stallions, and out of enrolled mares, are eligible for the Mare Power Weanling classes. There are two classes–one for Weanling Colts and Geldings and one for Weanling Fillies. Each class will have a whopping purse of $50,000.

WCHA Breeders Championship & Big Money Futurity
Fort Worth, Texas – Sept 24-27

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178 – October, 2020

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