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What IS the New Commission on AQHA Competitive Events?

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334 – September/October, 2021

By Rachel Kooiker

Lengthy meetings, focus groups, combing through statistics and data, and a lot of discussions will be on the table for AQHA’s new Commission on Competitive Events. Earlier this year, during the 2021 AQHA Convention, AQHA President Norman K. Luba announced that the AQHA Executive Committee was implementing the Commission on AQHA Competitive Events.

AQHA competitive events directly and indirectly impact more than 137,000 AQHA members worldwide. The new commission is an ambitious and comprehensive group that will analyze, review, dialog, develop, and enact policies, procedures, and actions related to the continuous improvement of AQHA competitive events across all disciplines. This includes looking at racing, ranching, trail riding, showing, and timed events. Ultimately, the commission is tasked with making changes that support and grow the participation of AQHA affiliates. The Equine Chronicle spoke with three members of the commission to provide you with an inside look at what the commission is and what it hopes to accomplish. Read on to learn more about this ambitious project.

Meet the Commission Members

For this first look at the new commission, we spoke with members Gale Little, Chris Darnell, and Whitney Lagace. We asked them about the experience they bring to the table and their perspective on the work they hope to accomplish within the commission.

Gale Little:

“I’m the Affiliate Advisory board chair, and I’m proud to be involved in this commission. I really believe that we will make a difference. There are great people on this commission, and it’s going to be a very big task, but there will be so many people that will be giving great input and ideas.”

Chris Darnell:

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334 – September/October, 2021

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