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WCHA Announces New Nomination Program

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The 2019 WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity had another record setting year, showing a 20% growth in entries and a 28% increase in futurity payouts. Furthermore, over the past three years we’ve expanded from 301 entries in 2016 to an impressive 552 entries and a $100,000 increase in payouts in the WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity alone.

However, we have currently reached our limits of future growth when our only source of purse monies comes from stallion nominations, entry fees, and sponsorship. Our goals for 2020 are to add additional futurity days, increase Color Class purses, expand the Intermediate Non-Pro Program, and separate the Non-Pro and Open classes to stand alone classes. All these goals are obtainable, but come with additional expenses: arena, facility rental, judges fees, show personnel, awards, etc.

To be fair, all participants (mare owners, exhibitors, and stallion owners) should all share in the financial responsibilities, but continue to keep it affordable for everyone. The WCHA Breeders Committee, the Board of Directors, and the WCHA Executive Committee unanimously approved the following Nomination Program to be implemented January 1, 2020!

Weanling Nomination Payment Options:

·    $100-Nomination fee paid within 60 days of foaling date, or May 15th, whichever date is first.

·    If foal not nominated by May 15th the fee increases $50 each month.

·    $150 – Late nomination fee due by June 15th

·    $200 – Late nomination payment due by July 15th

·    $250 – Late nomination payment due by August 15th

·    $300 – Late nomination payment due prior to last option to enter WCHA Breeders Futurity.

·    $350 – Late nomination payment due by December 31 to remain eligible for competition as yearlings and older.

 To compete as a yearling or older, a horse MUST be nominated as a Weanling and Yearling. Exception: 2020 is the first year to record nominations: Yearlings in 2020 will not have to pay a weanling nomination in addition to yearling.

Yearling Nomination Payment Options:

·    $100 by March 15th of yearling year

·    If you have not nominated by March 15th the fee increases $50 every month

·    $150 – Late nomination fee by April 15th of yearling year

·    $200 – Late nomination payment due by May 15th

·    $250 – Late nomination payment due by June 15th

·    $300 – Late nomination payment due by July 15th

·    $350 – Late nomination payment due by Aug 15th

·    $400 late nomination payment due by last option to enter WCHA Breeder’s Futurity

***WCHA will continue to support events around the country. New events to be announced soon! A percentage of nomination fees collected will be allocated to enhance payouts in these satellite events. However, to be eligible to compete in these events it is mandatory that all horses be nominated to compete in WCHA sponsored classes.***

Color Nominations For Weanlings and Yearlings:

An additional nomination fee is required to be eligible for Color Classes within WCHA Breeders Futurity Program.
All horses with APHA, ApHC, PHBA, ABRA or ARHA registration papers are eligible for Color Nomination and to compete in the Color Division. Color horses may choose to pay ONLY a COLOR NOMINATION to show in Color Division; HOWEVER, they would not be eligible for Non-Pro, Open or Intermediate Non-Pro Divisions, only Color. The Color Nomination Fee is minimal and 100% of the Color Nomination fees collected will be added to Color Purse Monies.

·    $100 – Color Nomination Fee if paid by June 15 of Weanling or Yearling year.

·    $150 – Color Nomination Fee after June 15 until last date to enter current year futurity.

In addition to the above color nomination schedule, a percentage of all foal nominations collected will be allocated to the color purses for additional incentives for our color breeds within WCHA.

We estimate the above nomination program will TRIPLE the payouts within the WCHA Futurity Program!

For nomination forms and additional information go to the WCHA website.

Attention Halter Stallion Owners:

The WCHA Breeders Futurity Program will reduce the cost of Stallion Nominations. To continue in an effort to share financial responsibilities and not to heavily burden stallion owners with paying high stallion nominations in addition to the newly implemented Weanling/Yearling Nomination Program, the Stallion Nomination Fee for all stallions will be reduced to a Flat Rate of $1,000 in the WCHA Breeders Futurity Program. The Stallion Nomination will remain the same for the WCHA Big Money Futurity at $2,000 per stallion, but a $500 discount if the stallion is enrolled in the WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity as well.

Stallion Nomination Forms Click Here.

Introducing the WCHA Big Money Color Incentive:

One half of every nomination collected from a stallion registered APHA or ApHC will be allocated to the Color Purse Monies.


 By reducing the stallion nomination fees we anticipate more stallions enrolled in the program. More stallions in the program = more Weanlings and Yearlings nominated into the program = increased purses.

*Note: To show stallion owners additional consideration the foal nomination payments on foals/yearlings owned in same ownership name as the stallion in the amount of $100 won’t be due until June 15th.

As an incentive to enroll a stallion early so you can advertise him as a participating stallion, WCHA offers a payment plan. Place a half price deposit now and then the remaining balance is due by June, 2020.

For more information check out the WCHA website or Contact Futurity Manager: Don Falcon 480.229.9767, falconranch@earthlink.net, Office: Kate Jackson 270.405.1232, office@conformationhorse.com

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