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Virtual Health Webinar Tonight- Equine Behavior and Training

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – As with many things in the past ten plus months, it was decided to move the Horse Management Seminar to a virtual format. The format will consist of two more Monday evening webinars on February 8th and 15th.

To register go to:

Each virtual webinar features two speakers that have been designated the “Best of the Best” over the years for their face-to-face presentations, and/or will cover topics most requested in previous post-program evaluations. Each evening will focus on one topic area and will end with an “Ask the Expert Live” panel hosted by Dr. Carey Williams, Associate Director of Outreach for the Rutgers Equine Science Center, as well as the evening’s speakers. Attendees will have time to ask questions about the presentations and are also encouraged to bring questions to the webinars based upon the subject area for that night. The schedule includes:

February 8th – Equine Behavior & Training

“Evaluating Horse Welfare” Dr. Sara Malone, and Ellen Rankins, Rutgers University
“Using Learning Theory to Train Horses” Angelo Telatin, Delaware Valley University

February 15th – Equine Nutrition

“Fiber and its Importance in Horses” – Dr. Burt Staniar, Penn State University
“Forage/Pasture Practical Research you can use” – Dr. Krishona Martinson,
University of Minnesota

The weekly webinars will run from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, and attendees can register for one specific webinar or for all three at the same time using the same link. The webinars are free to attend, however in order to facilitate a more engaged live audience with the speakers they will not be posted to the archived webinar section of the Center’s website until mid-March.

For questions, please contact Dr. Carey Williams at

About the Equine Science Center at Rutgers University
The Equine Science Center is a unit of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Its mission is “Better Horse Care through Research and Education” in order to advance the well-being and performance of horses and the equine industry. Its vision is to be recognized throughout New Jersey as well as nationally and internationally for its achievements in identifying issues in the horse industry, finding solutions through science-based inquiry, providing answers to the horse industry and to horse owners, and influencing public policy to ensure the viability of the horse industry.

For more information about the Equine Science Center, call 848-932-9419 or visit

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