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Upcoming Veterinary CE Webinars- Research on Nutrition and Management of Aging, Laminitic, and Obese Horses

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Pat Harris MA, PhD, VetMB, DipECVCN, MRCVS & RCVS Specialist in Clinical Nutrition (equine), will deliver research updates to deepen our understanding of equine aging, laminitis and obesity. Nettie Liburt, PhD, PAS and Amy Polkes, DVM, DACVIM are also presenters as part of the MARS EQUESTRIAN™ Equine Veterinary Continuing Education Series.

The scientific community has grown the body of knowledge related to not only the aging horse, but also the obese animal and management of laminitic equids. Researchers are continually getting closer to unlocking the mysteries of laminitis, as well as revealing new insights about physiological changes that come with age and the management of equine obesity. This series of Equine Veterinary Continuing Education seminars, presented by MARS EQUESTRIAN™, intends to offer a total of six Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE)-CE credits to veterinarians and veterinary technicians this fall.

The virtual series, open to all veterinarians and veterinary technicians, will take place on three consecutive Saturday mornings from 10:00am-12:00pm EST on Oct. 30, Nov. 6 and Nov. 13. Topics will include Obesity, Laminitis and the Senior Horse covering relevant research and providing up to date nutritional advice, as well as current guidance on diagnostics. For more information and to sign up for registration information, please visit

This virtual educational series integrates Mars, Incorporated’s equine-focused products and services which include WALTHAM™, ANTECH™, SOUND®, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition and SPILLERS™ Brands. The expert panel of speakers features nutrition and veterinary specialists in research, diagnostics and product development.

Pat Harris, MA, PhD, VetMB, DipECVCN, MRCVS & RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition (Equine) is an internationally renowned authority on equine nutrition from both a veterinary and academic perspective. There will also be discussion on guidance for horse owners on the importance of nutritional management from Nettie Liburt, PhD, PAS and essential diagnostic testing information from Amy Polkes, DVM, DACVIM.

Dr. Harris is a co-author on over 100 peer-reviewed papers on the topics of laminitis, obesity, insulin dysregulation and the senior horse. Most recently, she was the co-editor of the 2021 Veterinary Clinics Equine Practice: Nutrition, and co-author of two chapters: 1) What would be good for all veterinarians to know about equine nutrition, and 2) Nutritional considerations when dealing with an obese adult equine. She also personally looks after her senior mare, who is over 35 years old (with no ability to ingest short or long chopped fibre), along with her mare’s son who is over 25 years old.

Dr. Harris gained her PhD on the Equine Rhabdomyolysis Syndrome whilst working at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. She is a Past President of the British Equine Veterinary Association, the Current President of the Equine Science Society and a member of the British Equestrian Scientific Advisory Group. Currently her roles within Mars, Inc. include being:

  • Director of Science for Mars Horsecare
  • Head of Equine Studies Group at Waltham Petcare Science Institute
  • Scientific advisor to the MARS EQUESTRIAN™ Brand Team.

“I am delighted to be able to share the practically relevant highlights of our recent collaborative research into these key topic areas. It is a great opportunity to be able to highlight the interrelationship between research, nutrition and diagnostics and to be able to share our teams’ experience in these areas with veterinarians,” said Dr. Harris.

The series will be presented virtually with pre-registration required. Registration details will be forthcoming. Equine veterinarians and veterinary technicians are encouraged to save the dates. For more information, please visit

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