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Tuesday’s Around the Rings Photos and Results from A Sudden Impulse

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Tuesday’s Around the Rings Photos and Results from A Sudden Impulse


Exhibitors were busy this morning at A Sudden Impulse, juggling over fence classes, two rings of showmanship, halter, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, and western riding.

In Arena One, AQHA showmanship classes were on one side, with NSBA showmanship classes on the other. Despite the test of their skills doing back-to-back showmanship patterns, Eric Mendrysa showed Never Sudden to a win in the NSBA Amateur Showmanship. He explains that all the different maneuvers and pieces in each showmanship pattern were challenging, but he persevered with “Boferd.”  Eric says, “He felt good today and he did everything I asked him to do; I couldn’t be happier with him.”

Eric explains that he’s only had Never Sudden about six or seven months, and this is approximately their third show doing showmanship. “He’s super fun and sporty; he’s kind of like a little Ferrari out there and really fun to show.”  He’s hopeful for the NSBA World Show, Congress, and the AQHA World Show on his horizon, but he’s keeping his perspective with his other discipline. “I do reining right now, too, so I’m trying to juggle and balance that,” he says.

Soon afterward in the 13 & Under Showmanship, Taylor Bates took overall champion with Best Gift Yet, a horse she calls “Honey.”  She’s only had Honey since January, and though the back of the pattern was a bit difficult, Taylor says she felt good about it. “She’s an amazing horse to show, and she’s kind, sweet and funny,” Taylor reveals, explaining they’ve also set their bar high for this year. “We plan on going to the Youth World and Congress to show in showmanship, horsemanship, and equitation.”

At 6 PM in the Grand Arena, the NSBA Green Trail Sweepstakes set the stage for tough competition, with Sara Simons on Whiskey MadeMeFrisky for owned Andrea Stubblefield with top honors, and Nick Mayabb taking Reserve with Acrobatt for owner Nancy Chapman.

Some highlights of today’s classes:

NSBA Three Year Old Open Trail:

1st  – KM Some Like It Best with Nick Mayabb and owned by Janice Warford

2nd  – Come On Over with Carly Veldman Parks and owned by Rebecca Figueroa

3rd – Better to Bea Winner with Nick Mayabb and owned by Dawg Performance Horses LLC

4th – VS For Certain with Becky George and owned by Michelle Rod

5th – Only In De Moonlight with Eric Felt and owned by Robin Loreth

6th – South Beech with Becky George and owned by Kate Upton

7th – Willy Good Vibes owned and shown by Anthony Montes

8th – Born Fabulous with Jason Gilliam and owned by Carrie Riley



NSBA Amateur Showmanship at Halter:

1st  – Eric Mendrysa with Never Sudden

2nd  – Jessica Baird with IB Real Lazy

3rd  – Griffin Holliday with Good N Plenty Gold

4th – Ashley Nietzer with Moneys Moxie Girl

5th – Rachel Trebesh with No Doubt I Shine

6th – Katie Kopf with Two Ziplines

7th – Isabel Schueppel with Sexy Luvah

8th – Taylor Kungle with Girlz Got Game






NSBA Amateur Select Showmanship at Halter:

1st  – Scott Reinartz with Investin A Goodbar

2nd  – Laina Banks with Strawberri Wine

3rd  – Gayle Scharf with A Speed Demon

4th – Lauren Stopprich with On My Level

5th – Cheryl Graganella with TheIncredibleMachine

6th – Teresa Balkcum with JustSayTheCode

7th – Madaline Crawford with Passable Inclination

8th – Sherrie Gultz with Invy of Me










NSBA Youth Showmanship at Halter 14-18:

1st  – Kyla Jackson with Cadillac In Black

2nd  – Kaitlyn Bloom with Ima Lazy Cowboy

3rd  – Ady Kally with Gotta Be Sensational

4th – Madeline Rippeon with Fashion Statement

5th – Lydia Menossi with Justa Machine

6th – Maddie Passmore with Mist My Invitation

7th – Carmen Ross with No Doubt Im Best

8th – Evie Doles with If Im Honest






NSBA Youth Showmanship at Halter 13 & Under:

1st  – Taylor Bates with Best Gift Yet

2nd  – Emma Gore with KM Genuinely Best

3rd  – Alyssa Kladny with Asset Appeal

4th – London Nietzer with Moneys Moxie Girl

5th – Isabella Buckley with Shes Rockin My Dream

6th – Cassidy Jo Conwell with Lopin At The Bar

7th – Elden Fredenburg with Quita Machine

8th – Charlotte Brooks with Ill Be Batting Ona RV


NSBA Green Western Riding:

1st  – Snippity Snap with Blake Weis and owned by Kent Ray Taylor

2nd  – Made To Love with Amanda Gately and owned by Ellen Armstrong

3rd  – The Batchelor with Martin Doustou and owned by Patricia Abbott

4th – Best By Design with Carly Veldman Parks and owned by Jay and Kristy Starnes

5th – Heza Flatliner with Carmen Mayabb and owned by Becky Crider

6th – VS Fashion Show with Colton Pylman and owned by Kate Upton

7th – If U Say So with Brad Jewett and owned by Hanna Olaussen

8th – VS Flat Out Cool with Charlie Cole and owned by Bonnie Sheren


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