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Trick or Treat! Halloween Inspired Show Outfits?

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Photos courtesy of Dominique – Eveline Müller of De- Showoutfits.

Blog by: Silvia Panza, Fancy In The Sand

Silvia Panza is a competitor from Italy who loves everything having to do with horse show fashion, which she writes about on her blog, Fancy In The Sand. If you’d like to have your blog post shared on like Silvia, email

This is Halloween season and everybody loves it! The magical atmosphere, the warm colors, the creepy aura… The show clothing industry is always in search of new inspiration and Halloween could be the perfect one! You’re probably asking yourself how something so far away from horse showing could be a source of inspiration. Here’s the explanation.

First of all: the colors. Orange is the main color when you think of Halloween. It’s not often seen on show clothes, so it’s original and will make you stand out! It can be easily paired with a black, dark blue, or grey based jacket, vest or Horsemanship top.

Green and purple, maybe mixed together, make me think of witches. It’s a wonderful combination that fits every rider, from youth to select, and allows you to avoid the more classical black based outfits.

Ruby red is a perfect, elegant, color that can be worn all year long for any level show.

Grey is going to be the must have color of the 2019 show season.

Regarding the designs and patterns, the Halloween season is full of ideas! You can get inspired by bat wings, spiders, ghosts, witches cauldrons, pumpkins, skeletons, zombies, and so on.

Makeup is going to be fun too! But, we should always remember that we’re entering an arena for showing a horse, so we should leave the fantastic Halloween makeup tutorials we see on internet at home. However, for a wow effect, you can create a smoky eye and play with bold lipsticks like orange, ruby red, purple, and even black and green.

What do you think about Halloween inspired outfits? Would you wear one of them?

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