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Trainer Mocktail Eq Pattern Class at Copper Country POR

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The lunchtime fun class on December 30th at the 2022 Arizona Paint Horse Club Copper Country POR required trainers to first perform an Equitation pattern, followed by rail work with a glass of champagne in their hands. They were judged on their equitation and their pattern, and by the amount of champagne left in their glasses when all was done.

Participants were Maddie Edwards, Autumn Dallaguardia, Riley Morgan, Erica Sunnarborg Heller, Callie Fitts, and Kelly Penrod, and the judges were Karen Qualls and Bobbie Emmons.

The winner: Erica Sunnarborg Heller!

Watch the hilarious video of the rail work here:

Trainer Mocktail Eq Pattern Class at Copper Country POR

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