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Top Ten Things Judges Hate in Showmanship

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188 – January/February, 2022

By Megan Sacia Ulrich

When it comes to Showmanship, there are some horse and handler pairs that make the discipline look effortless. They are precise, efficient, correct, and have a special flair that sets them apart from the rest.

However, there are certain things some Showmanship exhibitors do that make judges cringe. Here, a panel of four judges, with over 100 years of combined judging experience, and one AQHA Professional Horseman teamed up to build this list of 10 things judges would rather not see in the Showmanship pen. Then, our resident trainer will help explain how to address the issues.

#1 A Turnout That Lacks Polish

The Error: An undeniable part of Showmanship is exuding confidence. One way this can be shown is through a competitor’s overall presentation. Clothes that are ill-fitting or baggy, sleeves or pants that are too short, and a lack of attention to detail in turnout can send a message to the judges that an exhibitor doesn’t care. This is not to say that judges want handlers to break the bank on a pricey Showmanship outfit.

“The goal is to look tailored, crisp, and professional. If your clothes are too baggy, that doesn’t exude confidence, so find clothes that make you feel confident, whether that’s a suit or a nice top or whatever it may be. Make it tasteful, clean, and well-fitting,” Chapman says.

The Fix: A Showmanship outfit doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to fit nicely. “You can get good clothes and taper them with your own needle and thread so the fit is flattering. I’ve done a lot with safety pins and duct tape!” Chapman laughs. “Your clothes aren’t what we’re evaluating. You can’t go purchase confidence at a store. But be mindful that we’re looking at the horse and exhibitor together. When you wear something you feel good in, and have put in the hours of practice so that you can trust your equine partner, then more confidence comes out.”

Of course, don’t overlook your hat when considering your overall Showmanship turnout. “Have your hat cleaned and shaped. It sends such a message,” Taylor says. “It doesn’t have to be a 100X hat, or anything overly fancy, just have it nicely shaped to your face.”

#2 Being Heavy Handed With the Chain

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188 – January/February, 2022

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