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Top 10 Horse Apps Every Rider Must Have

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312 – November/December, 2020

By Laura Boynton

Nowadays, it seems as if there is an app for everything. You can have food delivered to your home, rent a car, and even learn how to meditate with smart phone applications that number into the thousands.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were apps specifically designed for equestrians? Well, there are! Read on to discover the top 10 horse apps every equestrian needs that will make for a smoother and easier ride.

#1 · Sales Paddock

Buying and selling horses, looking for clients, finding a lesson horse, or adding to your own herd takes a lot of time and effort. The Sales Paddock app will help keep you updated and organized as it connects the user with other buyers and sellers in a predetermined area, when you’re on location at shows, or even while attending an auction.
• The personal profile you set up can easily switch between buyer and seller and can contain your farm logo and advertising information.
• List horses for sale in minutes with details, photos, and video from your smart phone, links from YouTube, or photos and videos taken through the actual app.
• Share horse sale listings to other popular social sites for more exposure.
• Check-in while you’re at a show so buyers will be sent alerts about the classes and times during which a sale horse will be ridden or shown.
• This app also tracks how often buyers are viewing sale ads.
• Filters allow you to search for horses you’re interested in, save the information, and allow you to chat with the buyers and sellers.

Let this capable and equipped, free app make the process of buying and selling horses more manageable and organized.

#2 · Cinch Horse Show Tracker App

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312 – November/December, 2020

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