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Thursday’s Around the Rings Photos and Results from 2022 AQHA West Level 1 Championship Show

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Thursday, the 2022 Nutrena AQHA West Level 1 Championship Show featured over fence classes, horsemanship, trail and western pleasure.

In the trail pen, Hailey Brown won the Youth Walk Trot Trail on Signature Absolute, a horse she says is a world champion in trail and just a great horse!  When asked what she liked about trail, Hailey explains, “I just love going over poles and just having fun!”  She says that it meant a lot for her to win the class, and that “Slate” is smart in addition to his willingness to do anything for anybody.  Besides, she reveals, “He will eat anything!”  After the class, Hailey had big plans to give Slate some graham cracker teddy bears and some Gatorade, two of his favorite treats.

Entries were big Thursday, with some horsemanship surpassing 50 entries.  In the L1 Amateur Select Western Horsemanship, Patty Goodwin took first place in a field of 53 entries with her horse So Noticed.  For Patty, it was a thrill to win after a 20-year hiatus from showing.  “I came back last year as a Novice, and “Danny” is a brand new horse for me as of February.  But it’s been a year of really hard work so I’m super happy,” she says.  Patty says the pattern was wonderful, and it rode right to all of her abilities, and she notes, “We rode it like a boss!”

Some highlights of the Level 1 Classes:

L1 Amateur Equitation Over Fences:

1st – Hana Thomas with My Next Edition

2nd – Jennifer Kristek with Captive Pride

3rd – Tina Raether with WD Aspercel

4th – Jennifer Kyle and Like A Boss

5th – Tiffany Bennett and Midnite Ryder

L1 Amateur Walk Trot Western Horsemanship:

1st -Kerri Chalberg with Jukebox Jive

2nd – Chloe Teplick with Made Marion

3rd – Anita Clegg with RR Certain Standout

4th – Amanda Gill with Sizzlin Hot Chip

5th – Christina Miller with This Chocolates Hot

6th – Wink Penrod with Sweet Talkin Irish


L1 Youth Walk Trot Trail:

1st – Hailey Brown with Signature Absolute

2nd – Willa Bruce with The Best Bet Yet

3rd – Jasmin Trejo with PR The Bay Asset

4th – Elizabeth Montez with Betterlazythancrazy

5th – Abby Hokana with Titos and Tonic

6th – Mallie Olson with Only Big Checks

Rookie Amateur Western Horsemanship:

1st – Roby Harden with Im Just Too Hot

2nd – Rachel Burrington with One Investment

3rd – Lisa Lofton with Whats Ur Number

4th – Marcia Gillespie with Kiss Me Im Lazy

5th – Karla Bennet with Wicked Lee Good

6th – Autumn Patterson with Legacy Won

Rookie Youth Trail:

1st – Rylee Bentz with Onceinasnowmoonskye

2nd – Macy Finney with RRed Solo Cup

3rd – Jasmine Keck with Hez Good N Lazy

4th – Chesney Jay Watkins with ILL B Lazy Lopin RV

5th – Reese Byers with Ill B At The Bar

6th – Mylie Parker with Don’t Doubt Im Hot

L1 Amateur Select Western Horsemanship:

1st – Patty Goodwin with So Noticed

2nd – Barbara Bouma with Roger Thatt

3rd – Dana Avila with Magnificent Dreamer

4th – Lisa Gardner-Barrett with Rockstar N The House

5th – Ann Olaussen with Wearin Only Moonlite

6th – Kathy Neal with In Zippos Image Too

L1 Amateur Western Horsemanship:
1st – Caitlyn Kauffman with Slow Ridin
2nd – Kaci Rodriguez with Movin The Chains
3rd – Tamara Smith with Without Regret
4th – Karissa Kean with Huntin A Sweet Dream
5th – Evelyn Huff with Pretty Smart Dude
6th – Kalena Bruce with The Best Bet Yet

L1 Youth 13 & Under Trail:

1st – Addison Langley with I Will Be Hot

2nd – Dakota Honea with Mostly Chocolate

3rd – Katie Wagner with The Cookie Machine

4th – Chesney Jay Watkins with Zippos Gold N Sonnet

5th – Brynn Mathiason with Macs Good N Hot

6th – Macy Finney with RRed Solo Cup

L1 Youth 14-18 Trail:
1st- Taylor Hinely with DreamingForJacks
2nd – Lydia Menossi with Justa Machine
3rd – Aubrey Gerdes with Metamorphic
4th – Reese Byers with Ill B At The Bar
5th – Ava Blyth with KM Three Bars Down
6th – Nicholas Gonifas with Zips Making You Look

Rookie Amateur Western Pleasure:

1st – Kristi Perea with CPrealsureshestheone

2nd – Amanda Kemling with Titos On The Rocks

3rd – Autumn Patterson with Legacy Won

4th – Lucy Chapman with Lopin Down The Line

5th – Chris Lagerblade with Wikked

6th – Jessica Izaguirre with Keeping It Impulsive

L1 Amateur Walk Trot Western Pleasure:

1st – Lisa Shields with Radical Recall

2nd – Julia Anderson with Good Gas Monkey

3rd – Kerri Chalberg with Jukebox Jive

4th – Jennifer Ann Pasquetti with RR I Told You So

5th – Christina Miller with This Chocolates Hot

6th – Sara Larsen with Theultimate Goodwife


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