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Thoughts and Prayers For Horseman, Mark Purdy

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We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to horseman, Mark Purdy, who suffered from a recent heart attack. We received the following information from his friend and business partner, Jillene Overby.

Feb 20th– “It has been a rough eight days for my business partner – Mark Purdy. He was rushed by ambulance to TMC last Tuesday thinking he was having a heart attack. Although nothing showed on the monitors initially, he was taken to the heart cath lab on Wednesday where it was discovered that he had blockages in all arteries of his heart. He went into Defib (fatal heart attack) prior to the procedure and had to be shocked twice so his heart would start beating in proper rhythm. Mark spent the next five days in ICU. His heart is only functioning at 10%, so he tires easily and struggles with normal daily tasks. He’s home but no longer able to work or assist with chores like he had prior to his hospitalization.”

Feb 22nd– “Unfortunately, Mark received a call yesterday afternoon that his mother passed away after a recent illness. He now has to find a way to get to Minnesota for his mother’s funeral, which may be difficult due to his health complications. He is slowly improving and had a follow-up appointment today. His heart is healing slowly, but he has extreme edema in his legs. It’s so much that the physician will not allow him to fly at this time. The doctor said 7-10 days if the swelling goes down. Mark is hoping the funeral can be delayed, so that he can attend. Time and rest is what Mark needs most.”

“We operate our ranch in Tioga together with no hired help. It has been extremely challenging as I work 45 hours weekly at my full-time job, and Mark is unable to resume his daily chores in the barn. We will make it, but this definitely presents many challenges.”

There are plans to list several horse items and horse for sale to cover Mark’s expenses.

Our prayers for healing go out to Mark and his family during this difficult time.

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