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The Wall of Memories

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By: Kyle Jones

Today would’ve been the day we were setting up our stalls and display at the Congress. Today, I would’ve started stressing about how many blankets I needed to pack or how many bales of hay to take to last three weeks. I would start posting that we were in search of a couple horses for sale. I would make sure all of my clothes were back from the dry cleaners. I would make time for extra lessons now that patterns were posted.

To most, this is just the typical horse trainer’s office wall that you see in almost every barn. But to me, these backdrop photos and arena shots remind me of why we decided to capture them as keepsakes. Our walls are full of triumphant moments and “remember that time” moments in the show pen. People often wonder why so many people stand alongside of a rider in win photos. It’s because it truly takes a village. From emotional to support to financial backing to just being your friend and confidant.

The Congress is undeniably the largest single breed horse show in the world and arguably the most competitive. It’s that time of year where many get to show what they have learned and practiced and strived for all year long. I will miss spending too much money on bourbon chicken and sweet tea, those pizzas that don’t make sense on paper but taste so darn good, and most importantly cinnamon and pecan rolls from the Sweet Shop.

I thought I would enjoy taking this one October off to just “relax” and enjoy the weather changing. But unfortunately that couldn’t be more true. I’ve never craved the Congress so badly and wanted to take clients and show off their skills they have encompassed this past year. 2020 has not been easy, and not having the Congress will be no different.

So when your trainer asks to get a backdrop picture next time, be sure to say yes. It’s not for our collection or to show off. It’s truly for us to remember this moment in both of our careers.

All we can do is look at those win pictures every time we pass them and say, “Hey! Remember when…” and that’ll be enough to keep us looking forward.

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