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The Story of the Lucky, Pink, Equine Chronicle Shirt

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By: Brittany Bevis

Anyone who knows The Equine Chronicle’s beloved Advertising Director, Gordon Downey, would probably say that he’s so nice he would give you the shirt off his back. Well, he literally did just that at the AQHA World Show, back in 2013.

Recently, we saw AQHA amateur competitor, Ronnie Kent, wearing a beautiful, pink show shirt at the March To The Arch horse show emblazoned with The Equine Chronicle logo down one arm, and we wondered how he got such a cool outfit. Ronnie and Vickie Kent were eager to share the fun tale of the traveling pink shirt.

“I think it was back in 2013 at the AQHA World Show in Oklahoma City,” Vickie says. “We ran into Gordon at the Coliseum after we had presented the awards in Junior Trail. It was pink day and Ronnie and I had on our pale pink shirts in honor and recognition of the ongoing fight against cancer. Gordon had on his dark pink, starched, Equine Chronicle shirt with a pink ribbon for breast cancer, Congress logo, and Equine Chronicle printed down one sleeve.”

“Ronnie told Gordon how much he loved the shirt. We were both shocked when Gordon took the shirt off his back! Right there at the AQHA World Show, he took it off and gave it to Ronnie.”

Now, the pink shirt is Ronnie’s lucky charm. He has worn it at several major horse shows, like the Quarter Horse Congress, the Big A, and any horse show that has a designated Pink Day to promote breast cancer awareness.

“The March To The Arch was the first time he wore it in Halter,” she says. “Everyone was complementing him on his shirt. He won Amateur Performance Geldings under all six judges, as well as Open Performance Geldings. He intends to wear the shirt again in Georgia this week at the Georgia On My Mind horse show.”

Vickie explains the importance of having a Pink Day at the horse show. “The pink color stands for the fight against cancer. Everyone is affected in some way by cancer- some more than others, and we pray one day there will be a cure.”

If you see Ronnie at the Georgia On My Mind horse show, be sure to compliment him on his fantastic, pink shirt!

“Gordon Downey is one of a kind! Not only is he a good friend that would go to any length to help, but he really will give you the shirt off his back! We love you, G Man!”

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