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The Final Four Showmanship Teams Face Off at 2023 Sun Circuit

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Photo credit: Sun Circuit

On Tuesday, March 7th, in Sun Circuit’s wildly popular tournament-style National Championship competition, four teams for two divisions faced off to reveal a winner!

First up Tuesday morning,  the National Championship Select Amateur Showmanship final four:

Scott Reinartz with Only One Request, Anne Wilson with RR Certainly A Lady, Tammy Dewey with Rios Marecedes, and Vito Latini with Bettin Im Best.

For the competition, four exhibitors and horses in two teams compete a pattern they hadn’t used before, then judges narrow the field to two horse and exhibitor teams, and then a winner is crowned.

For Select Showmanship, Scott Reinartz and Only One Request cinched the top spot!


Then in the afternoon, the National Championship Amateur Showmanship final four entered the arena:

Patricia Bogosh with FirstOneInLastOneOut, Tony Anderman with Gota GoodThing Going, Johnna Letchworth with On The Roks, and Parris Rice with Its Southern Blues.


They were narrowed down to two teams: Patricia and Tony, and then the winner was announced: Patricia Bogosh with FirstOneInLastOneOut, aka, “Patrick!”

Watch our EC TV video to hear from Patricia, as it was her first time to compete at Arizona Sun Circuit:

2023 Scottsdale Arizona Sun Circuit National Championship Amateur Showmanship Champion

Learn more about the Sun Circuit National Championship competition:

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