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That’s A Wrap- Silver Dollar Daily Stride #6

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Silver Dollar Circuit

“The horse show that could” wraps its final day of happy exhibitors. The feel of the show was more laid back, but the enthusiasm was at an all time high. The classes were full of competent competitors and the challenge for circuits and High Points required a valiant effort.

The pace allowed competitors and trainers to work on issues they rarely have time for. As Karen Graham put it, “it was so nice to work out some of the kinks in our riders and their horses and really spend some time making things work.” Many times at these big shows, the schedule does not afford you the ability to correct problems so they’re overlooked to be dealt with another time.

Brad Jewett micros Karen’s sentiments, remarking, “this has been great for my clients.” Having his clients ride with strong competition in a low stress schedule has given them a valuable experience. These horse and rider teams just don’t have a chance to come to show at one of the best facilities in the nation, South Point Equestrians Center, they can also fix the kinds of things that only come up at the big shows.

We all have our reasons for returning year after year, but one thing is for certain. Silver Dollar has some very loyal exhibitors. For the trainer and exhibitors alike, the ability to show with such worthy competitions, in a great facility, while having the time to fit in some fun, seems to be the most popular answer for their continued attendance. South Point never disappoints, from restaurants, to bowling, to bingo, there is always something fun to do when you are done showing

The Silver Dollar embraces that fun atmosphere and makes having a good time and a sense of humor part of its horse show culture. Hence, there are no shortage of candids of exhibitors and staff with the cardboard cutout of producer Jan Bruner’s nephew. He typically flies in every year from Sweden to work the show, but couldn’t this year with the COVID restrictions. The Andrew cutout has been having a large time in his place, even making it into the Trail pen one day.

Silver Dollar carries that inclusive feel from its staff to its exhibitors. Jan sums this up well with the show’s mission. “To be compassionate and recognize that everyone is important, and we all love horses no matter what level we are at. That is what this show is about.” The Silver Dollar is run by exhibitors for exhibitors with a belief that everyone deserves to show and win and have a good time doing it.

Missin accomplished!

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