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Take a Look at the Proposed New Coliseum For OKC

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OKC Fairgrounds

It’s official: A new coliseum at the OKC Fairgrounds will be on the ballot as part of the MAPS4 package! When Oklahoma City voters go to the polls in December, they will have an opportunity to continue the growth and progress our community has made during the last 20 years.

Building our state-of-the-art facility will ensure Oklahoma City remains the “Horse Show Capital of the World,” and it will create a new “Big House” for high school championships for generations to come. As Mayor Holt has said, the arena has the single largest economic impact of any of OKC’s publicly owned facilities.

But MAPS4 is much bigger than one building. It will also revitalize neighborhoods and fund services for people in need. It will continue the momentum of Oklahoma City’s renaissance.

Please take a moment to thank the City Council members who voted to include our new coliseum in the MAPS4 package. You can find their phone numbers and email addresses at

Let’s all work together to pass MAPS4 and move Oklahoma City forward!

Click here to Thank City Council.

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