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Sun Circuit Youth National Championship Winners are Rutledge, Anderson, and Parduhn

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Lily Anderson

By: Brittany Bevis

Yesterday, we announced the amateur and select winners of the first-ever National Championship tournament at the 2019 Arizona Sun Circuit. Now, it’s time to recognize the next generation of champions with the youth winners.

Just like the amateur and select competitors, the top 64 youth riders in the country were ranked by an anonymous ranking committee consisting of judges and trainers. Youth exhibitors competed in Showmanship, Equitation, and Horsemanship events that lasted for several rounds in order to narrow down to the National Champion in each discipline.

Youth Showmanship 

Round 1 of Youth Showmanship saw Cori Cansdale, June Roberson, Jessica McAllister, Alexia Rutledge, and Hanna Olaussen compete. During Round 1, the ladies were narrowed down to the Final Four of Jessica McAllister, Alexia Rutledge, Hanna Olaussen, and Cori Cansdale. Alexia Rutledge led Dreamin With Me to be named the National Champion.

Alexia Rutledge

Youth Horsemanship

The Sensational 16 were Emily Maul, Lily Anderson, Leah Anderson, Bella Rosa, Ella Petak, Cori Cansdale, Caroline Nielson, Hanna Olaussen, Jo Jo Roberson, Madison Parduhn, Tatum Keller, Jordan Davis, Megan Waldron, and Jentry Shandley.

Round 2 narrowed down the ladies to the Exceptional 8: Leah Anderson, Jo Jo Roberson, Lily Anderson, Ella Petak, Cori Cansdale, Emily Maul, Hanna Olaussen, and Bella Rosa.

The Final Four were Leah Anderson, Jo Jo Roberson, Lily Anderson, and Ella Petak. Lily Anderson rode Lover Treat Me Good to be named the National Champion.

Madison Parduhn

Youth Equitation

Round 1 consisted of Jacqueline Potwora, Nadalee Vasquez, Natasha Replogle, Madison Parduhn, June Roberson, Tatum Keller, Isabel Schween, Caroline Nielson, and Jessica McAllister. Round 2 saw Jacqueline Potwora, Nadalee Vasquez, Natasha Replogle, Madison Parduhn, June Roberson, Tatum Keller, and Jessica McAllister advance.

The Final Four were Jacqueline Potwora, Madison Parduhn, June Roberson, and Tatum Keller. Madison Parduhn rode Shesa Hot Selection to be Named the National Champion.

Final Four

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