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Sports Medicine “Sleuths” to Unravel Lameness Mysteries

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[February 27, 2019; Kennett Square, PA] – Join Penn Vet New Bolton Center’s Elizabeth Davidson, DVM, ACVS, ACVSMR, and Liz Arbittier, VMD, CVA, as they kick-off the spring First Tuesday Lecture series with their talk “Mythbusting the Lameness Exam Part 2: Comparing Your Interpretation of Lameness to What Scientific Data Tells Us.”

When lameness strikes and there are no ‘clues’ – no swelling, no heat, no localized area of obvious pain – where do you turn? Two of New Bolton Center’s Sports Medicine ‘sleuths’ will unravel the mystery as they discuss the common pitfalls to the lameness exam and why the naked eye is not always a reliable tool for an accurate diagnosis. Attendees can join in on cracking the case with their smartphones during this interactive presentation.

Drs. Davidson and Arbittier are part of New Bolton Center’s team of Sports Medicine clinicians providing comprehensive, top quality care to equine athletes. Whether evaluating horses for lameness, neck or back issues, or assessing a prospective new purchase, the sports medicine team uses a thoughtful and thorough approach culminating in an accurate diagnosis and a targeted treatment plan.

The event, which is free and open to the public, will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in New Bolton Center’s Alumni Hall, 382 West Street Road, Kennett Square, PA.

Seating is limited. Kindly register prior to the event at

For any questions about the First Tuesday Lecture series, please contact Barbara Belt at 610-925-6500 or

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