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Snow Day Shenanigans!

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By: Brittany Bevis

When you were a kid, there was nothing better than a snow day. Remember back to your childhood. You’d wake up early in the morning, prepared to get ready for school, only to look out your bedroom window and discover that the world had turned into a winter wonderland over night!

Well, if you’re a horse, the exuberance is similar. Horses love running in, rolling around, and even eating snow. Granted, this week’s conditions have been particularly intense in the Central U.S., and we wish all of our horse-loving friends in Texas and Oklahoma safer weather and a resolution to the energy crisis in the area.

But, sometimes snow means fun! Several of our The Equine Chronicle readers answered the call when we asked them to share their horses enjoying the recent winter weather.

Scroll below and enjoy! Stay safe and warm out there.

Snow kisses! Kirstie Marie Photography.

Surveying my kingdom. Photo- Kayla Ison

All Time Fancy yearling traversing the tundra. Photo- John Bower

Photo- Andrea Loges

Big Bud was more prepared for winter than us! He started growing hair back in August. Photo- Holly Wilson

Rolling in the snow in Dallas. Photo- Dallas Caroline Massa

-41 in Saskatchewan, Canada last week. Photo- Jessica Michelle

Blending in with the show. Photo- Kayla Ison

Snuggly and warm in our blankets. Photo- Lauren Ashley Williams

What is that stuff? Photo- Madison Becker

Winter Wonderland. Photo- Maureen Friedly

Southwestern Gunman is not sure about the snow. Photo- Whitney Vicars

Brittany Taylor Buchs and Elizabeth Buchs take a sled ride thanks to Tequila Talking!

This is my Snow Day hairdo. Photo courtesy of Amy Rodney.

Why is no one else excited about this? It’s fantastic! Photo courtesy of Brianne Mathews.

It. Is. Cold. Let. Me. In. Rockin Atthe Goodbar is not impressed by Pennsylvania winters. Photo courtesy of Chris Showers.

Somewhere over the rainbow. Jerry and Penny Robinson’s ranch in Ohio. Photo courtesy of Dewey Smith.

Can I go outside and play in the snow? Kayce is all cooped up in Ontario, Canada. Photo courtesy of Kennedy Almas.

Lazy Luvah is loving the snow in Texas! Photo courtesy of Shannon Yeaton.

Hey mom! I can see my breath. Hoos Bhnd Blue Eyes staying nice and warm inside during a -6 morning in Aubrey, Texas. Photo courtesy of Megan Vanderslice.

Doc and Rusty in Blum, taking shelter from the snowstorm. Photo courtesy of Molly Swinburne.

EPR Hot Iron jumps for joy! Photo courtesy of Sabine Lazo

Snow makes me feel frisky! Luv Silk Stockings. Photo courtesy of Sabine Lazo.

It’s touching my foot. Why is it touching my foot? Who Painted Me. Photo courtesy of Sabine Lazo.

Wheeeee! Photo courtesy of Taylor Wheaton.

Ah, this feels good. Photo courtesy of Van May in Quebec, Canada.

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