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SmartPak Announces Return of SmartCookies Flavor Contest

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If your horse is a fan of treats, then this contest is for you! Since no one knows what your horse loves as much as you do, SmartPak is looking for the help of riders to find this year’s SmartCookies Flavor of the Summer.

Back for the second year in a row, riders have a chance to come up with a new flavor of SmartCookies. Last year’s winner, Guilt-Free Apple Cider Donut, was so popular amongst our four-legged friends that SmartPak has decided to let smart riders like you pick our next new flavor again.

“We received so many great suggestions last year, and it was tough to narrow down a winner, but our customers came through and we ended up with a really great option,” said Casey Fleming, Senior Manager of Product Development at SmartPak. “We’re excited to be bringing back the contest again to see what other flavors riders come up with. Once the winner is picked, be sure to treat your horse to the SmartCookies Flavor of the summer!”

This season’s contest will launch February 9th and you’ll have until February 14th to get your flavor idea in, so don’t wait! No idea is too crazy, so be sure to tell friends and barn mates so they can enter too. Once all of the ideas have been submitted, a team of SmartPak judges will look at all the awesome ideas submitted and pick their Top 3.

Once the judges have chosen their Top 3, you get to be the judge! You’ll have the chance to vote on the Top 3 and choose which flavor YOU think should be the next new SmartCookies. You shared your smart suggestions, so be sure you vote for the flavor you most want to see in barns near you this summer.

Voting will begin on February 23rd and end on February 28th and the winning flavor will be announced on March 7th, so stay tuned to see which awesome new flavor will be coming to a barn near you. The winning flavor will then be created and released as a limited-edition SmartCookies Flavor in the summer of 2019.

If you need some inspiration, here’s what Colleen A. and her horse Wesley had to say about their reasoning for suggesting last year’s winner Apple Cider Donut! “I follow SmartPak on Facebook, and when I saw that there was a post about entering a horse treat flavor idea, I thought it would be cool to submit one and see how many other people liked it,” said Colleen. “I’m from upstate New York, which was the inspiration behind my Apple Cider Donut flavor idea. I’d worked at an apple farm in high school and on college breaks and often brought the leftover apple cider donuts to the barn, and all of my barn mates loved them. It seemed like the perfect flavor for a horse treat, so I submitted it to the SmartCookies Flavor Contest.”

Be sure to enter your ideas for a chance to say YOU picked the next flavor of SmartCookies. To enter your idea, visit and while you’re there order a bag of Guilt-Free Peppermint Patty, Guilt-Free Carrot Cake, or Guilt-Free Banana Bread SmartCookies for your horse!

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