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Silver Dollar Circuit Goals: Youth World Qualification!

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IMG_4557 copyGood morning horse show goers! Emma Edwards and Cori Cansdale here.

We’re so exited to be showing at the Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas! Silver Dollar is not only a show that’s fun to show at, but it’s also a great opportunity to compete in big classes and achieve numerous points. In all Level 3 classes, there were 20+ exhibitors! In the Level 2 classes, there were 10-15+ exhibitors in each division. There were even multiple splits in the Amateur Western Pleasure! In the Novice Youth Horsemanship, there were 30 goes. The turnout is awesome!

16934290_1254596331304054_241036463_nThis allowed for many people to get qualified for the 2017 AQHA World Show in multiple events. Today, we showed in Horsemanship and Western Riding, some of our favorite classes. Cori finished her qualification in Horsemanship and Emma finished her qualification in Western Riding. Today’s big winner in Horsemanship was Taylor Searels and in Western Riding was Taylor and Deanna Green. Tomorrow is Trail, Emma’s favorite event!

It’s so fun to be back in the arena, as it’s our first show of the season. Our goal for this show is to have fun and to try to finish our qualifying for AQHA Youth World 2017. Emma just needs to finish qualifying in Horsemanship and Cori is working on Western Riding and Trail.

We wish everyone lots of Vegas fun, nice time with horse show family, and the best of luck showing your horses this week and into the open show! Thanks for catching up with us!

Cori and Emma

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