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Silver Dollar Circuit Concludes by Crowning High Point Champions

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By: Brittany Bevis

The Silver Dollar Circuit followed closely on the heels of the Florida Gold and Gulf Coast circuits, offering competitors who didn’t travel south for the winter the opportunity to compete at the well-appointed South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas. The show was held January 15-20 with judges including Robin Frid, Jessica Gilliam, Kristy Starnes, Bruce Walquist, Rhonda Replogle, Brent Maxwell, Clint Ainsworth, Carly Parks, Liz Baker, Jonathan Meilleur, Shawn Hays, and Eric Petersen.

Competitors were treated to all of the glamor of the Vegas strip, while also having the opportunity to enjoy six AQHA shows and four NSBA shows, as well as the new Silver Stakes Series.

Congratulations to the High Point Champions!

The Amateur Level 3 Champion was On The Roks and Johnna Letchworth. Reserve was Moonlite Madnez and Natalia Kay DeVencenty. The Select Level 1 Champion was One Dynamic Krymsun and Rebekah Rosa. Reserve was HP Heza Dream and Chayo Frappied. The Select Level 2 Champion was CR Hershey Bar and Sharon Conway. Reserve was Come N Get Ya Some and Roxanne Doogan. The Select Level 3 Champion was Rockstar N The House and Linda Coakley. Reserve was Toucht and Kim Gutowski.

The Youth Level 1 Champion was Miss Daisy Is Lazy and Kendall Dirksen. Reserve was Its A Good Pleasure and Taylor Bates. The 13 & Under Youth Champion was Its A Good Pleasure and Taylor Bates. Reserve was Mostly Chocolate and Dakota Honea. The 14-18 Youth Level 2 Champion was Pawn Star and Sydney Swallom. Reserve was Miss Daisy Is Lazy and Kendall Dirksen.

The 14-18 Youth Level 3 Champion was Won Vital Code RV and Emma Petak. Reserve was Betta Believe It and Brooke Jolstad. The L1 Amateur Walk/Jog Champion was HP Remember Me and Alan Ritcheson. Reserve was Unchippable Chatty and Megan Thorne. The L1 Youth Walk/Jog Champion was Iam With Her and Gianna Milicic. Reserve was Art I Riveting and Klairah Bowker. The Senior Level 2 Champion was Good Vibez for Marjorie Parks. Reserve was Loping For Assets for Marcella Bee.

The Senior Level 3 Champion was Moonlite Madnez for Natalia Kay DeVencenty. Reserve was This Is Why Im Here for Emma Edwards. The Junior Level 2 AND Level 3 Champion was If It Aint Southern for Kristy McKechnie. Reserve was SST Lollipop for Libby Haydon. The Open Junior Level 1 Horse Champion was If U Say So for Hannah Olaussen. Reserve was If It Aint Southern for Kristy McKechnie.

The Open Senior Level 1 Horse Champion was CPRealSureShesTheOne for Kristi Perea. Reserve was Betta Believe It for Julie Jolstad. The Amateur Level 1 Champion was CPRealSureShesThe One and Kristi Perea. Reserve was Gotta Get Gatsby and Dr Brianna Vosters. The Amateur Level 2 Champion was Good At Da Bar and Rebecca Fussell. Reserve was Rumors InTheDark and Kendra Whitneyl.

Click on the links below to view results, courtesy of An Equine Production.

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