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Share Your Best Buds Horse Tales

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In two shakes of a tail, Budweiser’s touching Puppy Love Superbowl 2014 advertisement went viral, as folks just can’t get enough of the adorable puppy and Clydesdale horse friends who are determined to stick together.

It’s not uncommon to see horses visiting the Calgary Stampede with unlikely four-legged buddies in tow. There’s the Thoroughbred chuckwagon horse that performs best when traveling with his best mate – a miniature pony play pal. Stampede audiences may have glimpsed a Dalmatian dog who rides sidesaddle with a team of eight massive Clydesdale horses that pull the stagecoach at the grandstand each evening.

The Stampede is collecting and sharing more of these unusual horse buddy stories. Anyone with a horse Best Bud story to share is invited to email it into the Stampede at mystampede@Calgarystampede.com. Stories and accompanying pictures or videos will be shared on the MyStampede website, a repository of community stories launched during Stampede’s 100-year anniversary year in 2012. The horse stories will be featured on a new Best Buds page, intended to showcase stories of real-life unique horses and their unlikely friendships.

“True life is often stranger and more heartwarming than fiction,” says Kurt Kadatz, director of Corporate Communications at the Stampede. “The Stampede is where more than 7,500 horses and other livestock come together for ten days every year, and where tens of thousands of horse owners meet up. We enjoy a lot of quirky animal stories here on site.”

“We’re creating a spot where we can share even more stories, because we are gearing up to welcome even more horses to our site in 2014,” Kadatz explains, adding that the opening of the Agrium Western Event Centre creates a venue for year-round events that bring horses into the heart of the Calgary.

The Agrium Western Event Centre opens in June at Stampede Park, offering a tailor-made modern centerpiece designed to meet the needs of horses and livestock events all throughout the year. Already in 2014, four new horse-related events are booked for the new 160,000 square foot arena and show space. That means at least 5,000 more horses will be visiting Stampede Park this year.

“Each of these horses has a tale to tell, and I’m sure many of them have unexpected pals of their own at home. As we prepare the new Agrium Western Event for their arrival, we’re looking forward to hearing tales from our entire Stampede community of fellow horse-lovers,” Kadatz says.

To share stories, email mystampede@calgarystampede.com or visit my.calgarystampede.com/share-best-buds

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