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Setting a course for independence – Casey Willis Show Horses

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218 – November/December, 2021

By Laura Boynton

As the head trainer at Masterson Farms, LLC in Somerville, Tennessee for the past seven years, Casey Willis’ daily responsibilities vary from managing training operations to overseeing the sale of futurity horses at Ken and Marilyn’s breeding and training facility. Casey spends his time working with young prospects to build a strong foundation that brings out a horse’s natural ability with the goal of ultimately creating a finished show partner.

With an unbelievable work ethic, and an even more stellar show ring resume, Casey’s well-documented success needs no introduction. This talented young trainer has always envisioned himself running his own business; and he is excited to launch Casey Willis Show Horses in the coming year.

“I appreciate everything the Masterson family has done for me, as well as the entire staff of Masterson Farms,” Casey says. “I learned that hard work, dedication, and honesty are some of the most important factors that are needed to run a successful program. Ken and Marilyn have been great to me and have given me so many great opportunities.”

According to the team at Masterson Farms, they all have mutual respect when it comes to their head trainer. Casey has their wholehearted support and encouragement in this move. Ken fondly recalls all that Casey has accomplished during his time with them. “His efforts are so very much appreciated. He’ll certainly be missed, and we wish him and [his fiancé] Deanna [Green] every future success.” Marilyn adds, “Casey does such a wonderful job with a rider, and I’ve enjoyed working with him. I know his future clients will have the same great experience I’ve had.”

A Masterson Memory

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218 – November/December, 2021

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