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Scott Weiss – A Lifelong Love of Horses

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34 – October, 2018


Individually, Scott Weiss and Erin Bradshaw are two powerhouses in the industry, each with an impressive resume including multiple World Champion titles. They were married in May of 2017, and, like many young couples, they’re navigating the life of newlyweds while juggling rigorous careers with the demands that only a life in the horse industry can bring. Erin has a successful corporate career in marketing for her mother’s law firm, KoonsFuller in Denton, Texas, while also promoting her father, NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, and his horses, as well as her husband’s growing business. Scott Weiss Show Horses in Aubrey, Texas, produces 10 to 15 foals each year and a select few are chosen to develop within his own program. He offers the others to lucky clients who know the level of care, expertise, and pedigree that went into the breeding and development of these worldclass horses. Horses from Scott’s program have achieved 17 APHA World titles, 6 APHA Reserve World titles, 2 NSBA World Championships, 1 NSBA Reserve World Championship, a Color BCF Reserve Championship, Congress Championships, Multiple PtHA World and Reserve World Championships, and Multiple NSBA Futurity Championships.

Both Erin and Scott have lifelong experience in the horse industry. Erin grew up on the Bradshaw ranch in Westlake, Texas, where they have consistently produced World Champion Halter horses for the past twenty-five years. “I was in the barn every day,” she says. “I’d get home from school, finish my homework, and head right down there to be with my horses. It has been a big part of my life forever.” Growing up in Iowa, Scott was introduced to horses by his uncle, Jim Wilson, who welcomed Scott and his brother, Nick, to ride with him at his farm. The brothers took to riding quickly, competing at the age of ten in local saddle club events and at open shows. “We didn’t know much about the show world, but my brother and I both had the itch for horses. We just loved them,” Scott says. “I’m grateful to my Uncle Jimmy for giving me that opportunity.” Since then, Scott worked for well-respected trainers like Jeff Cochran, Rusty Green, and Jay Starnes while he learned the ropes. A year into college, while pursuing a Biology degree with a goal of following in the family tradition of Pharmacy, he was visiting with Jay Starnes, who asked him if he ever considered becoming a horse trainer. That conversation turned out to be a pivotal moment in Scott’s life, leading him to reconsider his future. He left college and chose a different path for his life and began training horses with Jay in South Carolina. He later moved to Texas to work for Rusty Green for almost three more years, amassing a slew of titles along the way. He says, “It’s funny how things magnify, from a kid riding trail horses to getting to where I’m at today, all from the love of the horses.”

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34 – October, 2018
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