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Rusty Green and Lope The Line Win Equine Sports Medicine 2-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure Stakes

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Once again, the Lazy Loper 2-year-old named Lope The Line has added yet another accolade to an already impressive resume of Futurity Champion titles, NSBA World Champion titles, BCF Champion titles, and Reichert Celebration Champion titles.

Earlier in the week, the horse’s owner, Adam Kober, piloted “Ellen” to a unanimous win in the Equine Sports Medicine 2-Year-Old Non Pro Open Western Pleasure Stakes. Tonight, it was trainer Rusty Green’s turn to take a trip around the pen.

Charged with the tough task of determining the winner in tonight’s class were Jeff Mellott, Dean Bogart, Tony Burris, and Gretchen Mathes.


Coming in a close second was Erin Lieurance aboard Take Me Home Tonite for Kristin Kay Kleiman. The pair received $6,250 for their efforts. Rounding out the top three was Dave Archer and Flashy Looking Touch for Courtney Chown. They received $3,750 in the class.

Equine Sports Medicine 2-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure Stakes-

1-Lope The Line/Rusty Green for Adam Kober- $10,000

2-Take Me Home Tonite/Erin Lieurance for Kristin Kay Kleiman- $6,250


3-Flashy Looking Touch/Dave Archer for Courtney Chown- $3,750


4-Sleepy N I Know It/Pat Heeley for Scott and Linda Berwick- $2,250


5-Best Ticket N Town/Amanda Jackson for Stanley and Susan Scott- $1,500


6-Toucht/Shannon Vroegh for Liz Rice- $1,200

7-Ok Im Lazy/Taft Dickerson for Donnie Dickerson- $800


8-Moonlight Rodder/Jeff Long for Liz Hay- $700

9-Gettin Frosted/Eric Petersen for Mariana Cristina Petrozzi- $550

10-Lope Me Indefinately/Justin Wheeler for 7-Bar

11-This Chip Has Style/Justin Hester for Robert Paluso

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