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Rita Crundwell Appeals For Compassionate Release From Federal Prison

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Forbes has recently posted an article indicating that Rita Crundwell, former World Champion horse breeder and ex Comptroller for the City of Dixon, IL., has filed for compassionate release, due to COVID-19, among other factors.

Her appeal to be released from the Federal Prison Camp in Pekin, IL. was filed on April 22nd, 2020, wherein she outlines that she fulfills the requirements set forth by Attorney General William Barr for consideration for home confinement. Those include things like age and vulnerability, security level, conduct in prison, demonstrated and verifiable re-entry, and more.

Crundwell is two years shy of serving 50% of her sentence. She was originally scheduled to be released March 5th, 2030 and she’s now scheduled to be released October 29, 2029, due to a 5 month sentence reduction for good behavior. She is currently 67 and would be 76 upon release.

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