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“Ride With It”

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By: Tanya Moore

I’ve been telling my story to raise mental awareness. Mental Health awareness is so important. You can still have dreams and goals and achieve them. It’s about knowing when to get professional help and learning how to “ride with it.”

This picture says it all! My mama would love that cheesy smile. We all have dreams and many of those turn into goals. But sometimes life throws you curves. So what do you do? You grow and push forward.

Many of you know my story; some don’t. Over the past five years, I had many curves to follow, but I made it. Through a divorce, my mother’s passing, cancer scare, broken back from being thrown by my show horse, which brought on a battle of anxiety… I’m still here. I’m so blessed to have the support from my dear family, my beloved HPH family, and my most awesomest friends.

From all the hugs, and the cheering, and the texting that you all sent me saying, ‘You’ve got this,’ to ‘I’m so proud of you,’ to, “know that I’m riding with you in your classes.” But also from two others, Brent and Julie, that welcomed me and dug in deep so that I could come home from Pinto Worlds with four Top Ten wins!

So take those dreams and make them into goals. Don’t quit. Keep trying. I’m here for support if you need me. Love and God Bless to all.

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