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Results- 2019 APHA World- Showmanship, Halter, Western Riding, Western Pleasure

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Masters Amateur Hunter Under Saddle Reserve Champion- Marcie Griffin Michaels and Gotta Glo Slo. Photo- Tim Gillespie.

Congratulations to a few of the big winners that have been named thus far at the 2019 APHA World Show!

Amateur Showmanship-

1- All That I Got/Megan Seehafer

2- Al I Wanna Do/Lindsay McLain


Masters Amateur Showmanship-

1- No Doubt Im Invited/Pamela Switzer

2- Gotta Glo Slo/Marcie Griffin-Michaels


Novice Amateur Showmanship-

1- Its All About Scarlet/Kelsey Dunlap

2- Invite Lucy/Brittany Benzinger

Amateur Performance Halter Geldings-

1- Hes So Phenomenal/Kenneth Leonard

2- Check Required/Cynthia Figueroa

Amateur SPB Showmanship-

1- Dark Chocolate Jeans/Patricia Jolivette

2- I Know Im Hot/Jessica Heyen

Amateur Walk Trot Equitation-

1- Platinum Details/Abigail Graham

2- Rhythm Of Tats Heart/Judy McNabb

Amateur SPB Equitation-

1- Toogoodfortheblues/Sara Bieda

2- Super Chip My Ride/C Lynn Harrison

Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle-

1- Expect It/Ellen Waidner

2- A Fancy Signature/Tamara Takao

Amateur Performance Halter Mares-

1- My Secret Dream/Andrea Olsen

2- Scottish Lassie/Kenneth Leonard

Amateur Performance Halter Stallions-

1- Bank On The Best/Shilo Eggers

2- John Simon/Erin Bradshaw

Senior Hunter Under Saddle-

1- Al Be On Time/Beth Case

2- LX Just Call Me Fancy/Laura Spell

Breeders Trust Non Pro 3 and 4-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle

1- All Ways Lazy/Erin Fick

2- Over N Over/Joelle Black

Novice Amateur Western Riding

1- Huntified/Erin Larson-Girolamo

2- Arapped In Black/Jeri-Lou Biggs

Amateur Western Riding

1- Ill Be Sensational/Maggie Griffin

2- Zip Is It/Nadine Miller

Masters Amateur Western Riding

1- Gotta Glo Slow/Marcie Griffin-Michaels

2- Certified Stride/Meredith Landy

Platinum Non Pro Weanling Mares Breeders

1- Cool Ruby/Callie Hernandez

2- Shez Stylishly Cool/Robin Robinett

Platinum Non Pro SPB Weanling Mares Breeders

1- Transceding Heirs/Kevin Williams

2- Kechin Yer Attention/Isaiah Page


Platinum Non Pro Weanling Stallions

1- Expotential/Leanne Bandy

2- Favorite/Georgia Snow


Platinum Non Pro SPB Weanling Stallions and Geldings-

1- KR MR Xceptional/Robin Robinett

2- Stunned/Cara McMillian-Gibson


Novice Amateur Western Pleasure-

1- Legs For Days/Shannon Yeaton

2- Sleepless To Night/Haley Cunningham


Amateur Junior Western Pleasure-

1- Elicious/Erin Bradshaw

2- Born Sophisticated/Laura Bracken

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