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Prayers and Support Requested for Jason Ducharme

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Jason pictured with Kim Donovan

On Sunday, January 15, 2023, Tara Landon shared the news of the accident involving Jason Ducharme on Friday January 13th, reporting he was in critical condition in ICU.

“Mal is with him and needs to focus all of her attention on him so please no phone calls or texts. This is very overwhelming and she needs to devote all of her attention to Jason. We appreciate everyone’s concern and the best thing you could do for Jason is pray. The family is asking for prayers and privacy,” requested Tara.

Tara has also established a GoFundMe account for Jason for those looking for a way to help. See below:


By Tara Landon for Mallory Menard


Hey friends, on Friday morning, January 13, Jason Ducharme had an accident and was crushed between his truck and trailer and a steel fence. Mal had to jump in the passenger side and crawl over the console to the driver’s seat and back the truck up so it could release Jason, who fell to the ground. She called 911 and they airlifted him to Denton Hospital in the ICU Neuro/Trauma Unit.


He is currently on a ventilator and has 10 ribs (5 on each side) that are broken. He has some floaters (broken pieces of ribs) that they’re most concerned about. His lungs are collapsed and he has 2 chest tubes in, one on each side. He will have 2 surgeries to plate and fix his ribs. This will all be a long, difficult recovery and with his diabetes it could be longer than normal.


If you know Jason, you know that he is always willing to help people and take care of things for everyone. Well now it’s our turn to give back and help him and Mal and Jasons three kids. We all know how strong and stubborn he is but he is now in the fight for his life and he and Mal need our help.


He does have some medical insurance but it will not cover everything and his medical bills are going to be extensive. With the injuries that he has sustained he will not be behind the wheel hauling horses anytime soon, and this is their only daily income.


Everyone has reached out and locals and friends have offered to help and it is very much appreciated. We are looking at the long term expenses, so Doug and I are asking our friends and family for your help, please, and support by donating. Every dollar counts and every donation is appreciated. The go fund me account will be used for medical bills and living expenses.


We all help our own and our own needs help.



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