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Photos and Results From Nebraska Silver Classic

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Photos courtesy of Shannon Vroegh.

By: Brittany Bevis

The Nebraska Silver Classic recently took place September 10-13 in Lincoln, Nebraska, providing AQHA competitors with the opportunity to show to six excellent judges. Officiating the event were Jerry Erickson, Brent Tincher, Chris Jones, Rhonda Replogle, Clint Fullerton, and Valerie Kearns.

Congratulations to the High Point winners at the show!

The Small Fry Champion was Brockelyn Anderson with Krymsun Cute. Reserve was Natalie Bendfelt with Dun With Therapy. The L1 Amateur W/J winner was Monica Elder with Only Invite The Best. Reserve was Cynthia Raines with Whatabout Inviten Me. The L1 Youth W/J winner was Natalie Bendfeldt with Dun With Therapy. Reserve was Zoey Crawford with Certainly A Hottie.

The Open winner was Snap Krackle Pop for Twylla Brown. Reserve was Ill B Batting Ona RV for Kaydee Bennett. The L1 Amateur winner was Shelby Timperley with DGS Indycogneato. Reserve was Rebekah Klenke with Oh Goodness. The Amateur winner was Shelby Timperley with DGS Indycogneato. Reserve was Alexandra Eischeid with Its Sheer Luck.

The Select champion was Debra Sharp with Irresistibly Hot. Reserve was Kelleigh De Monbrun with Lucky N The Moonlite. The L1 Youth winner was Madalynn Redline with Huntin Machine. Reserve was Grace Philpot with Simply One Hot. The Youth winner was Kendalyn Herlocker with Memphis Bound. Reserve was Carley Rutledge with VS Born To Be Good.

Results courtesy of An Equine Production.

Click here to view S/C 1 results.

Click here to view S/C 2 results.

Click here to view circuit champions.

Click here to view scribe sheets.

Thanks to Shannon Vroegh’s crew for sharing some fun photos from the show. If you’d like to share your show’s photos or results, email

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