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Photos and Results From Goldmine California Gold Show

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Competitors at the show enjoying their Equine Chronicle magazines!

By: Brittany Bevis

AQHA, APHA, World Ranch Horse Association, and All-Breed competitors enjoyed a sunny, fun-filled weekend in Rancho Murieta, CA at the Goldmine California Gold Show that took place June 18-21.

A unique addition to the show this year was the Southwest Show Management Trainer Care Program.

“We realize that COVID-19 has had an impact on the equine community, and, along with that, trainers are also feeling that impact through the loss of shows across the country. With this in mind, Southwest Show Management has created a Trainer Care Program. Why? Because we care about the trainers who continue to support our shows. Here is how it works. Trainers who attend a certain number of SSM/Goldmine shows in 2020, and meet the guidelines for eligibility, will receive a check from the Trainer Care Fund. All payouts will be equally divided among qualifying trainers.”

Click here to view the Trainer Registration Form.

Click here for more information about the program.

The next event will be The Goldmine Circuit, also at the Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center, October 29-November 1, 2020. The event will host AQHA, APHA, WRHA and All-Breed shows.

Thanks to Southwest Show Management, we have High Point results for AQHA, APHA and All-Breed classes.

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APHA High Points

Youth 5-10 Walk-Trot

C- Old Gold Rhythm/Asta Mathilda Lund

R- Maximum Intensity/Kendall Gasper

Youth 11-18 Walk Trot

C- Totall Darkness/Matthew Averill

R- Hourgirl Sleeps/Sophia Mekeel

Novice Youth

C- Specials In The House/Allie Aronsen

R- Plenty Of Good Rhythm/Jessica Weber

Youth 13 and Under

C- Specials In The House/Allie Aronsen

R- Sweet Rapture/Gianna Pass

Youth 18 and Under

C- Alotta Vested Pine/Lauren Hall

R- Back That Up/Ruby Voortmeyer

Amateur Walk Trot

C- Invest In Tats Rhythm/Hadley Bickford

R- U Don’t Know Me/Mary Belen

Novice Amateur

C- Who Sez/Amber Harmon

R- Tats Rhythm Of Love/Maureen Henningsen


C- Zip Is It/Nadine Miller

R- My Sensational Cookie/Taylor Dixon

Green Horse

C- Too Sleepy For Hugs/Grace Leung

R- A Magical Sensation/Sandi Morgan

Junior Horse

C- PTF Mexicali Rose/Crysta Brown

R- Too Sleepy For Hugs/Grace Leung

Senior Horse

C- All Star Sensation/Wendy Hull

R- No Doubt Im Invited/Pamela Switzer

All Breed High Point

11 and Under Walk Trot

C- RL Designed Only/Trinity Eserjose

R- Hourgirl Sleeps/Sophia Mekeel

18 and Under Walk Trot

C- Ashley McLaughlin

R- Kayleigh Gedeon

Amateur Walk Trot

C- Check My Guccis/Stephanie Russell

R- PDF Should Been Toby/Natasha Elbert


C- Eli Investing Wisely/Colbi Jacobs

R- Pawn Star/Sydney Swallom


C- Jettn Champagne Chex/Linne Beason

R- Eat Sleep N Repeat/Aubrey Scobie


C- The Publication/Brooke Garcia

R- This Is Why Im Here/Jack and Suzanne Edwards

AQHA High Point

Level 1 Youth

C- This Chocolates Hot/Marina Caputo

R- The Publication/Brooke Garcia

Youth 18 and Under

C- Daizy Duke/Cassandra Michelle Ehrle

R- Cash Included/Natasha Replogle

Level 1 Amateur

C- DW Krymsun Advantage/Megan Neugebauer

R- Hocus Boston Flame/Francine Brown-Acord


C- Irwins Lil Bit Purdy/Ciara Bennett

R- Cravin A Goodbar/Anna Wegenast


C- Good Cowboy Casanova/Toni Ward

R- One Righteous Image/Annette Pellens

Level 1 Open

C- Lazy Bonez/Nancy Alto-Renfro

R- Budder My Biscutt/Jason Contreras

Junior Horse

C- Im Hott Youre Nott/Ingrid Miller

R- Lazyislookingsogood/Didi J Del Chiaro

Senior Horse

C- By Golly Im Hot/Joy Richards

R- You Got To Be Kiddin/Lorrie Johnson

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