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Photos and Results From Gateway Classic

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All photos courtesy of Cody Parmenter Photography.

By: Brittany Bevis

While many were enjoying BBQs, boat rides, and camping trips this past Memorial Day weekend, others headed to a number of multi breed horse shows held across the country. The Missouri QHA hosted their Memorial Day celebration at the Gateway Classic, May 23-26, in Lake St. Louis. Judges for the show were Sissy Anderson, Nancy-Sue Ryan, Brent Maxwell, GiGi Bailey, Terry Cross, and Larry Hansch.

In addition to six full AQHA shows, there were NSBA added money, all breed futurities, and Ranch Riding classes.

Winning the Open High Point was Snap Krackle Pop, ridden by Kendra Weis for Twylla Brown. The Reserve Champion was Sleepy N I Know It, ridden by Brendon Mehochko for Briley Czerwinski. The Rookie Amateur Champion was Joelle Karl with Hot N Krymsun. Reserve was Celeste Gasiewicz with Krymsun Jewels. The Level 1/Novice Amateur High Point Champion was Amber Herron with Krymsun Kowboy. Reserve was Tracy Bazoian with Ima Good Invitation.

The Amateur Champion was Samantha Kinslow with Big League Invite. The Reserve Champion was Brianna Clark with Taxable Assets. The Select Champion was Shelley Graham with Cool Coastin Machine. Reserve was Kelleigh De Monbrun with Lucky N The MoonLite. The Rookie Youth Champion was Sarah Wachtel with HezGot Rodderability. Reserve was Kelly Coonce with Preselesy Got Rythem.

The Level 1/Novice Youth Champion was Anne Oldfather with VS Top Gun. Reserve was Sarah Wachtel with HezGot Rodderability. The Youth Champion was Adilynn Friesen with Afraid InTheDark. Reserve was Jordan Czerwinski with Sleepy N I Know It.

The EWD Independent Champion was Robert Castellitto with Empty Irons. Reserve was Kelsey Wick with Walk Away Hocus. The Small Fry Champion was CJ Kirkland with BCQH Diamond Lass. Reserve was Bayleigh Wood with PR Zip Me Deck. The Level 1 Amateur W/T Champion was Patricia Wellendorf with Nice Girls Only. Reserve was Mary Stassi with Putting In R Time. The Level 1 Youth W/T Champion was CJ Kirkland with BCQH Diamond Lass. Reserve was Bayleigh Wood with PR Zip Me Deck.

The High Point Open Halter Horse was Ima Cool Catch, led by Andy Staton for Lawerence and Anne Lemke. Reserve was Wisshes, led by Jason Smith for Joy Stehney. The High Point Amateur Halter Horse was Big Time Addiction, led by Linda Sands. Reserve was Partee Down Kid, led by Vernon Habighorst. The High Point Youth Halter Horse was Wisshes, led by Camden Price. Reserve was Mr Bobby Football, led by Audrey Arentsen.

The High Point VRH Open Champion was Stacey Roberson with Greedy Ghost. The High Point VRH Amateur Champion was Cindy Hamilton with Bruce Almighty. The High Point VRH Youth Champion was Lola Morris with Snap Crakl Chex.


(courtesy of An Equine Production)

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