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Photos and Results From 2020 Gordyville Shootout

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$1,000 Showmanship Champion- Patty Bogosh and Firstoneinlastoneout

By: Brittany Bevis

The 2020 Gordyville Shootout that recently took place in Gifford, Illinois July 16-19 reported an outstanding turnout with 300 stalls and large classes like a six point Amateur Showmanship and 43 runs in the popular Shootout Showmanship. The Shootout Champion- Patty Bogosh- was crowned and Nya Kearns was recognized as the Reserve Champion. Judges for the show were Rob Meneely, Christa Baldwin, Kendra Weis, Sissy Anderson, Dave Fairchild, and Debbie Kail.

Congratulations to the All Around Champions:

  • Small Fry- Ella Spies and Cash Only
  • Novice Youth 14-18- Josie Eckert & HP Lazy N Pleasure
  • Youth 14-18- Caroline Fredenburg & Sundenlysophisticated
  • Open- Lily Anderson & Scenics High Voltage
  • Amateur- Chrisitanna Schuckman & Shez Hot N Platinum
  • Select- Tammy Dewey & Rios Marecedes
  • Youth 13 & Under- Elden Fredenburg & Quita Machine
  • Novice Amateur- Maureen Pappas & The Best Margarita
  • Novice Youth 13 & Under- Liliana Lescun & Hy Definition
  • Rookie Youth- Taylor Truman & Treasure Our Machine

$1,000 Trail Champion- Brad Kearns and Two Ziplines for Katie Kopf

Click on the links below for results from the show. Scroll below for more fun photos from around the rings, courtesy of show management.

Green Class Results



Join everyone again in Gordyville for the Turkey Run during Thanksgiving.

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$1,000 Green HUS- Jennifer Burton with Win Big Or Go Home for Karen Misko.

$1,000 Green WP- Stella Dior and Houston Huff for Randy Alderson.

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