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Optimizing the Stable Environment: Free Ebook

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Optimizing the Stable Environment

Free e-book offers tips for healthy stabling as the indoor-living season approaches.

Oct. 5, 2022. Franklin, Tenn. Some of our horses are lucky enough to live outdoors full time and have ample room to ramble and graze as they did in the wild. As herd animals, horses have physical, physiological and emotional needs that are naturally met living freely outdoors.

To care for and enjoy our horses, however, most of us need to keep them close by. And that typically means indoor stabling for at least some of the day, sometimes all day, depending on the weather and what kinds of equestrian activities we pursue. Even horses with access to ample pasture may need to live indoors to recover from injuries or manage their weight, or simply to stay out of the elements.

Indoor living is not our horse’s natural habitat. Confinement can affect everything from respiratory and digestive heath to joint function and overall well-being.

The good news is that modern equine science provides many ways for our horses to live as naturally as possible in a stabled environment.

Haygain’s new e-book, Optimizing the Stable Environmentis loaded with tips on keeping our horses happy and healthy while living indoors. The information is especially timely with winter on the way, giving owners a jump on prepping their stable for healthy horses through the season.

Feeding and flooring methods, ventilation considerations, stabling configurations and ways to address our horses’ emotional well-being are a few of the many areas covered in this helpful resource.

Whether you’re set on improving your existing yard or designing your dream stable, Optimizing the Stable Environment offers the latest horse management science to support your goals of providing the very best for your horse.

Click these links to download the free e-book:

USA: https://bit.ly/HaygainEBookUS

Canada: https://bit.ly/HaygainEBookCA

About Haygain

Haygain is a global horse health company dedicated to helping owners help their horses. Haygain manufactures High Temperature Hay Steamers, the Forager Slow Feeder and ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring. For more information, visit www.haygain.us or www.haygain.ca.

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