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On Fire at the 2024 APHA World Show – Sarah Rose Jons and Inferno Joe

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By Delores Kuhlwein

Sarah Rose Jons entered Inferno Joe in the 2024 APHA World Championship Show to prepare for the 2024 AQHYA World Championship Show, and in her words, “just to have fun.”

For Sarah, it was meant to be a learning experience.  “I feel like every time you step foot in the show pen, you learn something to get better,” she explains.

Her philosophy seems to be effective, because when “Buddy Joe” left this week for a well-deserved rest at home at Reid Thomas Performance Horses in Boerne, Texas, his buckle count numbered an incredible 16!

Success came in both Sarah’s Youth Ranch classes and the Open Ranch classes with Taylor Fedor, all of which boasted great numbers.

Sarah says what’s she’s learned over the past few years as she’s grown as a horseman involves dedication.  “I live around 30 minutes away from Reid, and I go there every single day,” she explains.  “I think the more time in the saddle, the more you learn about your horses, and you learn and understand how you can get better with your horse.”  She has also learned to practice like she shows so when she goes into the show pen, it just feels normal, like warmup.

In addition, she explains that time spent with one’s horses results in an unmistakable bond. “I try to spend as much quality time with the horses as I can, especially when I get a new one, grooming them, longeing them, and just having fun with them.”

Image credit: Paint Horse Journal

As far as what type of competitor she is, Sarah admits she likes to let things flow. “I don’t try to make everything perfect,” she reveals.  “If I mess up, I know how to get better and how to fix it. I try to watch videos to find out what I did wrong, or what I did well, and how I can fix things going forward.”

Now, she’s not only more prepared for AQHYA World, but she and her barn have a better handle on how to get Inferno Joe to show to the best of his ability, she adds. Before she goes home, the young equestrian, who also shows reiners with Cade McCutcheon, has her three-year-old to show in Fort Worth – a horse named Little JFK.

As she prepares for the last part of her show, she says, “I want to say a special thank you to everyone at Reid Thomas Performance Horses; they’ve always been there for me no matter what. I want to thank Reid Thomas, Taylor Fedor, Myles McLean, Curtis Reynolds, all the grooms that are always behind me no matter what, and Eric Mendrysa for his support and his beautiful photos and ads. I also want to think Cade McCutcheon Reining Horses and Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses.”

Sarah Rose’s mom, Saphronia Jons, says what they’ve also found is an amazing group of supportive people cheering them on and helping them achieve their goals. “You have good shows, you have bad shows, but they’re always there. It’s a good group of people who are all here for the love of horses.”

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