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NY Times/Chron of the Horse Release Stories About Late Equestrian Coach Accused of Molesting Students

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In April 2018, wrote an article entitled The Equestrian Version of #MeToo #TimesUp that spoke about the pervasive nature of sexual abuse in sports, the likelihood that it is happening in the horse industry, although it’s seldom reported, and a Safe Sport Code of Practice released by The American Horse Council.

It seems that piece was somewhat prophetic, because an article appeared in The Chronicle of the Horse, also in April, entitled #MeToo: The Story of a Trainer, a Trophy, and an All-Too Common Betrayal, about the late Jimmy A. Williams, a renowned instructor and member of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, and the accusations of sexual abuse by five former equestrian students.

Now, the New York Times has just released a comprehensive account of the life and times of Williams. Interviews conducted with 38 former students, grooms, trainers, and members of his local Riding Club reveal the extent of the abuse that spanned decades and was often overlooked by disbelieving parents, who were more concerned with what Williams’ status and skills as a horse trainer could do for their children, many of whom had dreams of competing at the Olympics.

The USEF barred Mr. Williams from membership in their association- 24 years after his death.

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