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NSBA Riders’ Cup Awards $75,000 to Big Winners During Sun Circuit

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Talk Southern To Me

By: Brittany Bevis

On March 5th and 6th, sunny Scottsdale played host to the 2019 National Snaffle Bit Association Riders’ Cup, which awarded an estimated $75,000 in prize money to winners in classes like Trail, Western Riding, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Equitation, Horsemanship, and Showmanship. Judges for the event were Christa Baldwin, Judd Paul, and Kristy Starnes.

In order to be eligible to compete in these classes, a professional rider must have been sold through the NSBA Trainer Sale program. NSBA paid out 80% of the earnings to the owner and 20% to the trainer.


Winning the Novice Non Pro Trail was Gayle Scharf with UF A Certain Star. Chad Evans rode Sugaray to win Green Trail. Blake Weis and Cool Cruzen Lady were named the champions in Junior Trail. Ben DeBrouwer and Good To Be Macho were the winners in Select Trail. Emily Maul and Only Temptation won Non Pro Trail. Chad Evans and My Vital Valentine were the winners of Senior Trail.

Novice Non-Pro Trail 

1- UF A Certain Star/Gayle Scharf
2- Hunting Blue Skies/Kaylynn Heitman
3- Pass The Black Gold/Kina Tavary
4- Eyed Be A Good Mac/Lindsey Norris
5- Movin The Chains/Julie Hoefling


Green Trail 

1- Sugaray/Chad Evans
2- Mind On My Money/Jason Gilliam
3- Figured Im Invited/Torey Roderick 
4- Florida Georgia Line/Chad Evans
5- Im Fun Sized/Shannon Vroegh


Junior Trail 

1- Cool Cruzen Lady/Blake Weis
2- Sugaray/Chad Evans 
3- Mind On My Money/
4- Only One Request/Bruce Vickery
5- Whose Your Bay Bae/Chad Evans


Amateur Select Trail 

1- Good To Be Macho/Ben DeBrouwer
2- Sayelotomyletgalfrin/Bobbi Shaw
3- Won Lopin RV Machine/Vickie Kent
4- Suddenly A Goodbar/Kathy Tobin
5- My Vital Valentine/June Liston


Non-Pro Trail

1- Only Temptation/Emily Maul
2- Ode To Zippo/Tatum Richey
3- Extremely Good Stuff/Lauren Stanley
4- Joe Sudden/Jaclyn White
5- Rode Rageous/Alicia Ritsema


Senior Trail 

1- My Vital Valentine/Chad Evans
2- Suddenly A Goodbar/Deanna Searles 
3- Only Temptation/Bruce Vickery
4- UF A Certain Star/Chad Evans
5- Hereicomeagain/Deanna Searles


Aaron Moses with Courtney Moses, Andy Cochran, Katie Buff, and Hillary Roberts

Western Pleasure

Alicia Ritsema and Chattanooga Lucy won Limited Non Pro All Age Western Pleasure. Kristen Galyean and VS Lady In Red won the Non Pro All Age Western Pleasure. Katie Buff rode VS Red Hot to win $2,500 Limited Horse/Limited Rider Open Western Pleasure. Aaron Moses and Snapit Sendit won $2,500 Limited Horse Open Western Pleasure. Katie Buff and VS Red Hot won the 3-Year-Old Limited Open Western Pleasure. Andy Cochran rode Whats On Ur Mind to win 3-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure.

Three-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure 

1- Whats On Ur Mind/Andy Cochran
2- Hes Rainy Made/Gil Galyean 
3- Lopin For Green/Angie Cannizzaro
4- SST Lollipop/David Archer
5- Scene It Eye To Eye/Mike Hachtel 

Three Year Old Limited Open Western Pleasure

1- VS Red Hot/Katie Buff
2- Chattanooga Lucy/Kyle Dougherty
3- Ona Moonlite Bay,/Torey Roderick
4- Pretensioso/Jessica Duffy

Limited Non-Pro All Age Western Pleasure

1- Chattanooga Lucy/Alicia Ritsema
2- Get In Line Behind/Haley Purkapile
3- Moonlit Vitals/Tessa Lynch
4- Wambam Thank You Mam/Robin Ochs Beall
5- Batta Batta Swing/Jenny Benson

Non-Pro All Age Western Pleasure 

1- VS Lady In Red/Kristen Galyean
2- Rock County Kid/Kent Ray Taylor
3- Momma Knows Best/Hillary Roberts
4- I Will Be A Good RV/Richard Carr
5- Chattanooga Lucy/Alicia Ritsema

$2,500 Limited Horse/Limited Rider Open Western Pleasure

1- VS Red Hot/Katie Buff
2- Amarillo By Moonlite/Mallory Vroegh
3- Batta Batta Swing/John Thompson 

$2,500 Limited Horse Open Western Pleasure

1- Snapit Sendit/Aaron Moses
2- VS Good Ride/RJ King 
3- Chasing Butterflies/Angie Cannizzaro
4- Moonlitesaturdaynite/Brian Ale
5- VS Life Support/Patrick Heeley 

Kristen Galyean

Hunter Under Saddle

Sara Simons and Talk Southern To Me won Limited Open 3-4-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle. Sara and the same horse also won the Open 3-4-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle, $2,500 Limited Horse Open Hunter Under Saddle, and $2,500 Limited Horse/Limited Rider Hunter Under Saddle.

$2,500 Limited Horse/Limited Rider Hunter Under Saddle

1- Talk Southern To Me, Sara Simons
2- The Right Mechanic, Patti Woods
3- Al About My Assets, Brad Ost
4- Lukes Good To Me, Ryan Painter

Limited Open 3-4 Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle 

1- Talk Southern To Me/Sara Simons
2- Al About It/Ryan Painter 
3- Top Shelf Fancy/Stacey Huls
4- VS Angel/Troy Lehn
5- The Right Mechanic/Patti Woods

$2,500 Limited Horse Open Hunter Under Saddle 

1- Talk Southern To Me/Sara Simons
2- Do Not Touch/Beth Case
3- Shes Southern Charm/Alyse Roberts
4- The Right Mechanic/Patti Woods
5- Al About My Assets/Brad Ost
6- Lukes Good To Me/Ryan Painter


Open 3-4-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle 

1- Talk Southern To Me/Sara Simons
2- All Good/Beth Case 
3- Lucky To Sleep/Farley McLendon
4- Best Jazz Album Yet/Deanna Searles
5- Al About It/Ryan Painter 


Taylor Kunkle and Krymsun Belle won Novice Non Pro Showmanship. Anne Wilson and Give Me The Goods won Select Showmanship. Tiina Volmer and Beter Late Thn Never won Non-Pro Showmanship.

Novice Non-Pro Showmanship

1- Krymsun Belle/Taylor Kunkle
2- HP Only Lazy/Marjorie Parks
3- Definitely Lopin/Jennise Richardson-Lesak
4- Coats N Socks/Jennifer Coleman
5- Im Fun Sized/Ronda Roozeboom

Amateur Select Showmanship

1- Give Me The Goods/Anne Wilson
2- Definitely A First/Karen Lee Tenger Manseth
3- Toucht/Kim Burrell Gutowski
4- A Speed Demon/Gayle Scharf

Non-Pro Showmanship

1- Beter Late Thn Never/Tiina Volmer
2- Stretch Machine/Michelle Forness
3- Dontskipmygoodimage/Kaleena Weakly
4- Greedy Ghost/Rosella Roberson
5- Southwestern Gunman/Whitney Walquist Vicars

Western Riding

Sara Simons and Hez Blazin Trouble won Green Junior Western Riding. Gil Galyean and I Will Be A Good RV won Senior Western Riding. Samantha Ihde and Cool Cruzen Lady won Non Pro Western Riding.

Green Junior Western Riding

1- Hez Blazin Trouble/Sara Simons
2- KM Flat Out The Best/Deanna Searles 
3- Sugaray/Chad Evans
4- Moonlite Madnez/Kelly McDowall
5- Made A Uturn/Kristy McCann 

Senior Western Riding

1- Gil Galyean/I Will Be A Good RV

Non-Pro Western Riding

1- Cool Cruzen Lady/Samantha Ihde
2- Lopin For A Chex/Jeffrey Johns
3- My Vital Valentine/June Liston
4- Gettin Hot/Ella Petak
5- VS Highroller/Ashley Roach

Ben DeBrouwer


John Whitney and Reissued In Red won Novice Non Pro Horsemanship. Whitney Walquist Vicars and Southwestern Gunman won Non-Pro Horsemanship. Kent Ray Taylor and Don’t Think Twice won Select Horsemanship.

Novice Non-Pro Horsemanship 

1- Reissued In Red/John Whitney
2- Hunting Blue Skies/Kaylynn Heitman
3- Definitely Lopin/Jennise Richardson-Lesak
4- Flashy Invite/Emma Cress
5- HP Only Lazy/Marjorie Parks

Non-Pro Horsemanship

1- Southwestern Gunman/Whitney Walquist Vicars
2- Wearin Only Moonlite/Hanna Olaussen
3- Only Temptation/Emily Maul
4- Imma American Made/Andrea Foss
5- Greedy Ghost/Rosella Roberson

Select Horsemanship

1- Dont Think Twice, Kent Ray Taylor
2- Give Me The Goods, Anne Wilson
3- RA Undisputed, Kathy Tobin
4- Good To Be Macho, Ben DeBrouwer
5- Toucht, Kim Gutkowski

Visit for complete results from the Riders’ Cup.

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