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New Opportunity to Share Your Ideas to Make AQHA a Better Association

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Logo courtesy of AQHA

Logo courtesy of AQHA

AQHA Publicity

The American Quarter Horse Association wants your ideas to make the Association a better association. To ensure AQHA is meeting the needs of members and customers, AQHA created the idea-sharing website, My AQHA Idea. Visitors can access My AQHA Idea via the graphic at the top right of the AQHA homepage.

On the My AQHA Idea website, you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas and add comments.

How does it work?

  • Register to become a member of the My AQHA Idea website.
  • Submit your ideas and/or vote and comment on others’ ideas.
  • The most-active ideas move up to the top.
  • AQHA staff will address popular ideas and provide feedback and status updates.

AQHA is accepting ideas in the following campaigns:

  • AQHA Membership
  • AQHA Publications
  • Horse Showing

“From the White House to Starbucks, a variety of organizations have some type of idea sharing platform,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway. “Often times we hear from our members who have an idea, want to give their constructive input on AQHA programs or have a desire to enhance the Association in some way. The My AQHA Idea site is designed to engage members and collect thoughts and ideas.”

The My AQHA Idea website is not intended, nor will it operate, as a substitute for AQHA’s procedures regarding amendments to AQHA’s rulebook. Specific amendments to AQHA rules must still be submitted pursuant to AQHA’s policies and AQHA Rule GEN103.

Please familiarize yourself with the My AQHA Idea policy before participating in the website. If you have a comment for AQHA, rather than an idea, we ask that you continue to use AQHA’s online contact form.

AQHA News and information is a service of the American Quarter Horse Association. For more news and information, follow @AQHAnews on Twitter, watch the AQHA Newscast and visit www.aqha.com/news.

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