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NCEA Announces Top Horses For 2013-2014 Season

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Photo courtesy of SC Athletics.

Photo courtesy of SC Athletics.

NCEA press release by: Cory Burkarth

The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) has released its top horses list for 2013-2014 in each of the four events – reining, horsemanship, equitation on the flat, and equitation over fences. These horses are chosen by the NCEA selection committee based on a formula similar to the student-athlete awards that are announced during the regular season. All horses selected were nominated by the opposing schools at each meet and have shown at least 3 times during the regular season.

Equitation on the Flat

1. So True (Auburn)

2. Hamlet (Texas A&M)

3. Wodarsky (Oklahoma State)

4. Callisto (Texas A&M)

5. Gideon (Texas A&M)

6 DSH Spot On (Kansas State)

7. Callisto (Georgia)

8. Caleb (Baylor)

9. Mad Martigan (Kansas State)

10. My Way To Fly (Kansas State)

Equitation Over Fences

1. Van Damme (TCU)

2. DaSilva’s Pride (Georgia)

3. Princeton (Georgia)

4. Aridus (New Mexico State)

5. Carita (Georgia)

6. Wyatt (Oklahoma State)

7. There’s No Place Like Home (South Carolina)

8. Medallion (South Carolina)

9. Mad Martigan (Kansas State)

10. Orome (TCU)


1. Acoosamatic (TCU)

2. Secret Chex (Oklahoma State)

3. Peek ‘n Play (Baylor)

4. I Be Packing Iron (Georgia)

5. El Sueco (Georgia)

6. Charlie’s Got A Shiner (Baylor)

7. Unzipped Anticipation (Oklahoma State)

8. Zippos Sly Fox (Kansas State)

9. RSVP With Chips (New Mexico State)

10. Bueno Sixty Six (Texas A&M)


1. Dudes Snapshot (New Mexico Stae)

2. Larkin With Style (Texas A&M)

3. Who Whiz Peppy (Georgia)

4. Trivitos Flashy Ride (TCU)

5. Whiz A King (Kansas State)

6. Shine On West Coast (TCU)

7. Banjos Remedy (Georgia)

8. Dun Leanin (Baylor)

9. Hobos Lil Remedy (Texas A&M)

10. Mr Solanos Kid (Oklahoma State)

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