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Most Appealing Dream and Ross Roark Win Performance Halter Mares at 2013 AQHA World Show

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By: Brittany Bevis


Ross Roark was at the lead of Most Appealing Dream for the Alderson family today as they claimed their first World Championship title with a home-bred horse in the Performance Halter Mares at the 2013 AQHA World Show. Following her World Championship win today, “Roxie-Jayne” will be shown by Jon Barry in Junior Western Pleasure tomorrow. Alderson currently shows the mare herself in halter classes and is looking forward to getting back into the western pleasure pen very soon.

“We bred and raised her,” Andrea Alderson says. “We purchased her mom at the Quarter Horse World Show probably five or six years ago. She’s been on our property, and then she went to live with Jon when she was a two-year-old. It’s been a journey. Jon is showing in western pleasure tomorrow, so we’re hoping for a repeat!”

“I have not done the pleasure with her. I am looking forward to it next year or maybe I’ll make a Thanksgiving appearance!”

The decision to send Roxie-Jayne to Jon Barry for training as a 2-year-old was an easy choice for the Alderson family. Alderson fondly reminisces about prior success they have had with another western pleasure/halter horse under the guidance of Barry.

“It was a guarantee that we were going to send her [to Jon] because we liked how [our other mare] Zips Gold Lassie was broke,” she says. “Jon won the Tom Powers with her, and I won the Quarter Horse Congress with her. It would’ve been cool to see what she would’ve done in performance halter, because, back then, they didn’t have performance halter. She got halter points competing against other halter horses. I won the Congress with her in 1994. She was the first Palomino to win a western pleasure class at the Congress.”


Although it’s hard to replace a former beloved horse, Alderson says Roxie-Jayne comes close with her sweet personality and excellent conformation.

“She is sophisticated,” Alderson says. “At first, I said she was like a heavy duty ballerina but somebody said she’s more like a pretty roller-derby girl!”

“I think she has a very nice topline, and [I like] the way her hocks are set compared to her front legs. They have a nice, even piece to them and that really plays into making a great riding horse as well as a good structurally correct halter horse as well. She has very straight front legs. Overall, she is a very nice mare.”

Congratulations to the Alderson family on their first AQHA World Championship with a home-bred and best of luck to Jon Barry tomorrow in the Junior Western Pleasure preliminaries.


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6-Don’t Skip This Diva/Buddy Laney

7-Only Invite The Best/Bob Kail

8-Gracious N Fabulous/Larry Hansch

9-Blazing In Style/Jason Smith

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