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More Around the Rings – 2024 NCQHA Tar Heel Summer Classic

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All professional images by Jessica O’Connor Equine Imagery

The NCQHA Tar Heel Summer Classic was held June 6-9, 2024, at the James B. Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, NC. The show was AQHA and NSBA approved, with judges Bruce Army, Rebecca Halvorson, Wayne Halvorson, Jennifer Kunkle, John Kunkle, and April Devitt.

Complete results, Circuit 1: Untitled Report (squarespace.com)


Complete results, Circuit 2: Untitled Report (squarespace.com)




Scribe sheets:  NCQHA Scribe Sheets — AB Show Management



Added Money Trail Classes:

$1000 Amateur Ranch Trail – Xtra Prettycocktail and Courtney Sustaire

$1000 Youth Ranch Trail – Fancy Blue Roo and Quincy Clagg

$1500 Open Ranch Trail – Sweet Little Outlaw and John Roberts for owner Patsy Watson

$1000 Non-Pro Trail – Zippin Some Jack and Lisa Williams


Added Money Ranch Riding:

$1500 Green Ranch Riding – Old School Bluez and Steve Meadows for owner Courtney Clagg

$1000 Jr Ranch Riding – Face Off and Steve Meadows for owner Vicki Coats

$1000 Amateur Ranch Riding – Xtra Prettycocktail and Courtney Sustaire

$1000 Youth Ranch Riding – Wimpy’s Color Code and Quincy Clagg

Thank you to Jessica O’Connor Equine Imagery for the generous galleries of the show!  Keep scrolling for more photos, and you can find the first set here:


Keep scrolling for more images! If you are looking for your show photos, you can find them here:



The G-Man was also onsite with his annual Krispy Kreme doughnut delivery!  See his photos:



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