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Monday’s Around the Rings Photos and Results from A Sudden Impulse

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Monday’s Around the Rings Photos and Results from A Sudden Impulse

On Monday, A Sudden Impulse offered Trail, Western Riding, Western Pleasure, and Hunter Under Saddle in three rings!

In the Grand Arena, Lesla Andrews cinched a win on Heyy June in the NSBA Maturity Novice Horse/Novice Rider Non Pro Western Pleasure.  For Andrews, it was her first AQHA show on her first AQHA horse, June or “June Bug,”  with the guidance of Arturo Maestas.

“It’s my first Quarter Horse show, my first NSBA show, and really, my first Western Pleasure class because I’ve always been a showmanship or horsemanship rider and I’m branching out into the pleasure until we get her going in the other events,” Andrews says. “I’ve shown Appaloosas since I was nine years old, and I have over 30 world and national titles in the Apps.  We’ve owned June three weeks, and this is fun!”

In Arena One, Susie Phillips won her NSBA Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle class, and it was her first time showing in Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle.  “We got up really early this morning, and we practiced on my equitation, and she was really good this morning and had a great feel to her,” Susie said. “ When we went to the arena, she had her ears forward and was excited about being there. She was super soft and waited on all my commands and she was really a joy to show.”  The duo will be off to the Pinnacle Circuit and Level One Show in Arizona in May and are considering adding the NSBA World Show to their roster with the guidance of Scott Jones.


NSBA Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle at A Sudden Impulse

Watch our website and social media pages today for a video from the overall champion, Susie Phillips.

1st – Susie Phillips and Certainly Platinum

2nd – Chelsey McCrary and WutILuvAboutSunday

3rd – Teresa Balkcum and Sophisticated Gypsy

4th – Michele Elaine Latham and Waitin For You

5th – Maggie Molever and Ima Inpulse Assets

6th – Brenda McRae and DGS Bluegrass

7th –Mariah Mostardi and The Repair Man

8th – Teri Nichols and EPR Great Expectations





NSBA Novice Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle:

1st – Bonnie Lynn Manders and A Cool Invitation

2nd – Anneene Miller and Rockstar Status

3rd – Debra Craig and Can I Get A Witness

4th – Penny Daigler and Take Me Two Church

5th – Holly Taylor and Last One Matters

6th – Mary Wyatt and Hypnotyzed

7th – Deborah McDonald and Miles Above All

NSBA Maturity $2500 Limited Rider Open Western Pleasure

1st – Heza Flatliner with Lacey Olejar and owned by Becky Durrett

2nd– BestSeatNTheSouth with Colton Pylman and owned by Gumz Farms Quarter Horses

3rd – Allured to Chocolate with Zack Nolot and owned by Pinnacle Quarter Horses LLC

4th – DayDrinknNiteDreamin with Keith Byers and owned by Michael Warren

5th – Lopin For Green with Mady Thibault and owned by Dwain &/or Mary Jo Gold

6th – A Good N Hot Machine with Lori Augsburger and owned by Ernest Branson

7th – Spot Lightt with Rebecca Spellman and owned by Natalie Anderson

8th – Heyy June with Jesse Jones and owned by Lesla Andrews


NSBA Green Western Pleasure:

1st – Aint Nothn To It with Andy Cochran and owned by Capital Quarter Horses LLC

2nd  – Gettin Warmed Up with RJ King and owned by HS Equine Ventures Inc

3rd  – Shez Made to Code with Aaron Moses and owned by Starland Ranch LLC

4th – Some Kinda Ride with Brian Baker and owned by Brock Clark

5th – Butch Cassadie with Katy Jo Zuidema and owned by Patricia An Lennon

6th – Snapin It Best with Chris Jones and owned by Monti Byers or Kelsey Pezan

7th – Invitingly Southern with Jamie Dowdy and owned by Kristy McKechnie

8th – Lopin Thru Fire with Garth Gooding and owned by Michelle and Sheila Bauer

NSBA Maturity Novice Horse Novice Rider Non Pro Western Pleasure:

1st – Lesla Andrews on Heyy June

2nd – Margaret Ring on Just Blazing

3rd – Kyle Kiper on Extremely Delicious

4th – Jessica Cook on Boy Crush




NSBA Amateur Hunter Under Saddle:

1st  – Erin Shapiro Boatwright and Im Willy Good Today

2nd – Caroline Cavallo and Only Ride The Best

3rd  – Angela Fox and Makin Me Happy

4th – Tami Dietrich-Dobbs and Kruzen Parrot Bay

5th – Tali Terlizzi and Its Game On

6th – Laura Bracken and Hez Dressed Best

7th – Allison Rassinoux and Talk Southern To Me

8th – Nicole Salzar and Company Man

NSBA Color All Age Open Western Pleasure:

1st  – Made In The Dark with Aaron Moses and owned by Clara Ashlock

2nd  – KM Slot Machine with Blake Britton and owned by Libby Trucco

3rd  – NothinButLazy with Blair Townsend and owned by Bill and Cindy Cosentino

4th – Knockin Bootz with Pasley Mathis and owned by Michelle Sullivan

5th – Been There Scene It with Austin Gooding and owned by Michelle and Sheila Bauer

6th – Made My Best with Garth Gooding and owned by Michelle and Sheila Bauer

7th – Marilynn Monroe with Rebecca Britton and owned by Balke and Becca Britton

8th – Beyond Expectations with Julie Schmidt and owned by Lisa Owens


NSBA Amateur Select Trail:

1st – Gayle Sharf and UF A Certain Star

2nd  – Susie Johns and Lopin For A Chex

3rd  – Kathy Tobin and Suddenly A Good Bar

4th – Scott Reinartz and Investin A Goodbar

5th – Debra Craig and Good Lucky Only

6th – Bonnie Sheren and Hez Blazin Trouble

7th – Ingrid Miller and Hez Raising The Bar

8th – Evon Werner and Invite Me Some More



NSBA Senior Western Riding:

1st  – Hez Blazin Trouble with Jason Martin and owned by Bonnie Sheren.

2nd  – Snap It Send It with Blake Weis and owned by Kent Ray Taylor

3rd  – Air Ryde with Sara Simons and owned by Anita Weiscamp

4th – Zippin A Breeze with Jason Martin and owned by Susan Wilson

5th – Legacy Made with Deanna Searles and owned by Susie Johns

6th – Get In Line Behind with Shannon Curl-Holbin and owned by Haley Purkapile

7th – HereIComAgain with Jim Searles and owned by Kathy Tobin

8th – Strawberri Wine with Anthony Montes and owned by Laina Banks

Keep watching for more from A Sudden Impulse!

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