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Meghan O’Malley and A Chanceof Blueskies Win Third Am. Over Fence World Title and Clinch Farnam All-Around Amateur Award

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UPDATE: Meghan O’Malley did in fact clinch the Farnam All-Around Award here at the 2013 AQHA World Show. Congratulations!

By: Brittany Bevis


Meghan O’Malley piloted her beautiful buckskin mare, A Chanceof Blueskies to their third World Championship title of the 2013 AQHA World Show this afternoon. On Wednesday, O’Malley was named the Champion in Amateur Hunter Hack. Today, she returned to claim the Amateur Equitation Over Fences World Champion title and the Amateur Working Hunter World Champion title back to back.

A Chanceof Blueskies is by Sky Blue Walker and out of One Day By Chance. O’Malley has owned the now 11-year-old “Lucy” since the mare was just nine months old.

“She’s just getting better with age I think,” O’Malley says. “She’s a fairytale horse. She’s perfect. This is the kind of horse that knows what she’s supposed to do before you know what you want her to do. She’s just amazing and has been such a wonderful horse for me.”

“I always say that she’s the type of horse that’s like your favorite pair of shoes. I get on her and she feels like a horse should feel for me. I just think that I have good chemistry with her and Lainie [DeBoer]. It all fits together.”


O’Malley’s horse trainer, Lainie DeBoer, has had quite a successful horse show as well winning the Senior Hunter Hack with Naturally Broke and Junior Hunter Hack with Regal Tequila.

Coming into this World Show, O’Malley had no expectations that she would be traveling home to Virginia with three golden globes in the Amateur division. Of the three World Championship titles she achieved at the World Show this year, O’Malley says her win in Amateur Hunter Hack has to be her favorite.

“I love doing the Hunter Hack with her, because she’s really super cool on the rail,” she says. “She’s just easy to ride. I can have more fun in that class and think about showing off. Equitation Over Fences is not my strong suit, so to go out there and nail a solid course was good. I felt really good after that.”

“I’ve been having kind of a good year as far as riding goes. Since Lucy lives in Minnesota and I live in Virginia I don’t get to ride her very often. But, this is kind of the funny thing. I have friends that are super big into barrel racing, so I mostly ride barrel horses at home!”

At this point in our interview, Lucy voiced her opposition to this news with a bellowing whinny. According to O’Malley, that’s par for the course with Lucy. She’s a very vocal girl who can be just a bit jealous when it comes to sharing mom’s attention.

“That’s normal for her,” she says. “She whinnies all the time. She’s probably sick of people talking to me, and she wants someone to talk to her!”


Since O’Malley finished out the Amateur week of the World Show in such spectacular style, rumor has it that she might be in good shape for the Farnam All-Around Amateur award that will be announced later this evening.

“After the second [World title], I kind of thought maybe I’d get in there,” she says. “I’ve been in there a few times before, but I’ve never won. I was fourth one year, third the next year, and second after that. It’s been a couple of years since then.”


Amateur Equitation Over Fences

1-A Chanceof Blueskies/Meghan O’Malley

2-Knee Deep In Assets/Dionne Stigge

3-Regal To A Te/Hannah Bedwell

4-Artful Persuasion/Parris Schoppa

5-Lets Get Started/Casey Fowler

6-Doilookbluetoyou/Tina Mcelroy

7-Sonnys Hot Fantasy/Cassandra Hall

8-A Well Dressed Man/Sarah Chabot

9-Only Royal Blue/Indy Roper

10-Its My Lucky Detail/Lauren Eichstadt


1- Artful Persuasion/Parris Schoppa

2- Doilookbluetoyou/Tina Mcelroy

3-Challaging Details/Ariel Herrin

Amateur Working Hunter-

1- A Chanceof BlueSkies/Meghan O’Malley

2-Lets Get Started/Casey Fowler

3-Only Royal Blue/Indy Roper

4-Regal To A Te/Hannah Bedwell

5-Better Buy The Minit/Morgan Parisek

6-Kneep Deep in Assets/Dionne Stigge

7-Executive Hotrodder/Cassandra Hall

8-Into The Blue/Kelsea Hull

9-Bay Manet/Kiley Sotomayer

10-Its My Lucky Detail/Lauren Eichstadt

Amateur Hunter Hack

1-A Chanceof Blueskies/Meghan O’Malley

2-Regal To A Te/Hannah Bedwell

3-Only Royal Blue/Indy Roper

4-Whenitallgoessouth/Kelsey Moody

5-Into The Blue/Kelsea Hull

6-A Well Dressed Man/Sarah Chabot

7-Better Buy The Minit/Morgan Parisek

8-Sneakn Past the Mark/Kailyn Ogle

9-I’m Naturally Grey/Lauren Eichstadt

10-Dirty Sexy Money/Jenny Martin

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