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Masterson Farms, LLC Announces Availability of ICSI Breedings to RL Best Of Sudden

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RL Best of Sudden, KC Montgomery Photo

Masterson Farms, LLC, made a very difficult decision in 2017 to no longer stand its leading sire, RL Best Of Sudden, to the public as the farm did not want to enter into breeding contracts it might not be able to fulfill. A previous injury to the horse’s stifle made it risky to attempt to continue providing cooled semen to customers in the large volumes and at the frequency his large outside book required.

However, requests for breeding to RL Best Of Sudden continue. With the increasing popularity of ICSI procedures (and its minimal use of frozen semen) the decision has been made to make frozen semen available to customers for ICSI use with their mares.

A breeding fee of $7,500 is anticipated with rebreed in the absence of a live foal (other than when embryos were frozen). Any additional foals obtained during the ICSI process, and desired by customers, would each have a fee of $5,000.

Further information is available by emailing

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