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Masterson Farms Announces Sale of KM Suddenly So Easy to Kristen Galyean and 3G’s Partnership

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Masterson Farms, LLC, is proud to announce the sale of its outstanding mare, KM Suddenly So Easy, to Kristen Galyean and her partners at 3G’s. All of us here are very appreciative of Kristen and her partners’ desire to share with us the career of KM Suddenly So Easy. Penelope is a truly remarkable show horse, thanks to Casey Willis and all the team at the Farm. We know she will go on to great success in her new home.

She is also proving herself to be a great producer of similarly talented horses, and we appreciate the Galyeans’ willingness to share embryos with us. Penelope has been a great product of our breeding program, and we have every confidence she will also play an integral role in 3G’s program as well. Penelope will always enjoy a special place in all of our hearts, and we are going to miss her very much.

Kristen commented, “Today was a very special one, and one I never dreamed would ever be a reality. I’d like to thank Ken and Marilyn Masterson for the opportunity to own and love KM Suddenly So Easy. I know it was a very hard decision for them, because I know how much she means to them. I’ve loved ‘Penelope’ since the moment I first laid eyes on her during her two-year-old year, and I followed her impressive career in awe every time I’ve watched her.”

“She has everything you want in a great Western Pleasure horse. She’s a very big and powerful mare, and I remember thinking to myself so many times over the years how she would be my dream cross on both my stallions, VS Code Red and VS Flatline. In 2018, we purchased an embryo out of Penelope from Ken and Marilyn and bred her to VS Code Red. The result is a big, beautiful, red roan, stud colt. He’s everything we hoped for, and we look forward to seeing him in the show pen next year.”

“Raising babies has become a passion of mine. I enjoy watching them grow up and getting to witness their journey into the show pen. My family enjoys it as well, and it’s something we love to do together. My parents (Jim and Debbie Glover) are partners with me and my husband, Wesley Galyean, on our stallions and my brother (Jared Glover) and his wife (Lauren Glover) have been wanting to get into the horse business and enjoy it with us. When the opportunity to purchase ‘Penelope’ arose, we were all excited to form a partnership. We look forward to continuing her career and raising her babies together.”

Best of luck to Kristen and all the Galyean team. We’ll be cheering you on.

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