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Letters to My Younger Self- Advice From an AQHA World Champion

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Madison Nirenstein and Hubbout A Dance

Next up in our series, Letters to My Younger Self, is Madison Nirenstein. If you haven’t read the previous editions, including Natalia Devencenty and Emily Maul, click on the links above. 

Dear Madison,

Enjoy the journey, because your time will come. Every mistake is a step closer to achieving your dream. Every challenging horse or challenging ride is making you a better rider and preparing you for that moment in the arena.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, because everyone has a different journey. You are your own worst critic and your only competition.

Focus on the basics. You are never too good to perfect the groundwork. Nothing is more rewarding than looking back at the hours of hard work, tenacity, and strength it took to get to this point.

Thank your horse. They’re the reason you’re here. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. You deserve to be here.

If you’re a former World Champion and would like to participate in this project during World Show season, email for consideration. 

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